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Crossword Answers: Spillane-detective
MIKEHAMMERSpillane detective
ITHE"___ Jury" (Spillane detective novel)
HAMMERSpillane gumshoe
HERS"Vengeance is ___" (mystery story anthology edited by Mickey Spillane)
ITHEJURYSpillane classic
COOLONESHEELSWait, to Spillane
VENTURA"Ace ___: Pet Detective"
WOJO"Barney Miller" detective played by Max Gail, familiarly
CHAN"Behind That Curtain" detective
POIROT"Death on the Nile" detective
NATE"Great" boy detective
DANNO"Hawaii Five-O" detective, to his boss
AHSO"I see," in some detective films
SPILLANE"I, the Jury" introduced his signature detective
LENNIE"Law & Order" detective Briscoe
PRIVATE"Michael Shayne - ___ Detective" (1940 film in which a detective is hired by a racetrack bigwig to g
LUV"P.S. I ___ U" (1991-92 detective drama)
ILUVU"P.S. ___" (1991-92 detective series)
FALK"The Cheap Detective" star
SAMSPADE"The Maltese Falcon" detective
DUPIN"The Purloined Letter" detective
HARDY"The ___ Boys" (series of detective books for young readers)
DAN"Vega$" detective Tanna
ACE"___ Ventura, Pet Detective," movie featuring Dan Marino

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