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Crossword Answers: Spillane-detective
MIKEHAMMERSpillane detective
ITHE"___ Jury" (Spillane detective novel)
COOLONESHEELSWait, to Spillane
HAMMERSpillane gumshoe
ITHEJURYSpillane classic
VENTURA"Ace ___: Pet Detective"
CHAN"Behind That Curtain" detective
POIROT"Death on the Nile" detective
NATE"Great" boy detective
AHSO"I see," in some detective films
LENNIE"Law & Order" detective Briscoe
HERS"Vengeance is ___" (mystery story anthology edited by Mickey Spillane)
WOJO"Barney Miller" detective played by Max Gail, familiarly
DANNO"Hawaii Five-O" detective, to his boss
SPILLANE"I, the Jury" introduced his signature detective
PRIVATE"Michael Shayne - ___ Detective" (1940 film in which a detective is hired by a racetrack bigwig to g
EPISODEDetective's turf in drugs incident
HARDYThe __ Boys: fictional detectives
FLICKSCinema detectives hold £1,000 (6)
BARDICShakespearean court with detectives about (6)
FINGERMARKSFeel the money may provide clues for the detectives
OCCLUDESStops senior officer getting head of detectives to probe crime information
JUDGMENTSCase-law derives from a lot of combat with detectives and models (9)
SUSPECTSDetectives are aware of these doubts (8)
INCIDENTALLYApropos of where detectives are intellectually foreshortened (12)
GLASSMENAGERIETennessee's detectives hold girl with silver on lake (5,9)
PEDICELStalk founder of the Met, holding up detectives (7)
GREYBEARDOld man finds water bird slightly involved with detectives (9)
SPOTTEDDICKSPuddings detected by detectives ... (7,5)
MOTIVEThe kind of power often sought by detectives (6)

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