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Crossword Answers: Spillane-detective
MIKEHAMMERSpillane detective
ITHE"___ Jury" (Spillane detective novel)
COOLONESHEELSWait, to Spillane
HAMMERSpillane gumshoe
ITHEJURYSpillane classic
HERS"Vengeance is ___" (mystery story anthology edited by Mickey Spillane)
FINETOOTHEDCOMBWhat a detective may need to closely and thoroughly inspect hair? (4-7,4)
BOTSWANAAlexander McCall Smith has provided a new world view of this African nation with the creation of his
RUTHRENDELLDetective writer who created the character Inspector Wexford (4,7)
STUPIDObtuse stud hangs around detective (6)
SAINTFictional detective Simon Templar was known as the ...
LIGHTNgaio Marsh's last detective novel, ... Thickens
BLEAKCharles Dickens detective novel, ... House
DICKTRACYCartoon detective who battled Flattop Jones and Mumbles (4,5)
COLLINSPioneer detective writer, Wilkie ...
DISMISSALSack for Detective Inspector's prayer book (9)
CLUEDOClassic detective game (6)
ACIDHEAD One who gets off with a detective chief superintendent? (4,4)
CRAISAward-winning detective fiction writer Robert
CONTRADICTIONDetective involved in throttling gives denial (13)
REBUSJohn ___, Edinburgh-based detective creation of Ian Rankin (5)
DAVIDYIPActor who played the title role in 1980s BBC TV series The Chinese Detective (5,3)
ZENAurelio ___, Italian detective creation of Michael Dibdin who first appeared in 1988 novel Ratking (
STOUTRex ___, creator of fictional detective and gourmand Nero Wolfe (5)
TRUE"___ Detective" (Matthew McConaughey series)
COMBEDTHROUGHITWhat the detective did to his hair?

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