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Crossword Answers: Spillane-detective
MIKEHAMMERSpillane detective
ITHE"___ Jury" (Spillane detective novel)
COOLONESHEELSWait, to Spillane
HAMMERSpillane gumshoe
ITHEJURYSpillane classic
VENTURA"Ace ___: Pet Detective"
CHAN"Behind That Curtain" detective
POIROT"Death on the Nile" detective
NATE"Great" boy detective
AHSO"I see," in some detective films
LENNIE"Law & Order" detective Briscoe
HERS"Vengeance is ___" (mystery story anthology edited by Mickey Spillane)
WOJO"Barney Miller" detective played by Max Gail, familiarly
DANNO"Hawaii Five-O" detective, to his boss
SPILLANE"I, the Jury" introduced his signature detective
PRIVATE"Michael Shayne - ___ Detective" (1940 film in which a detective is hired by a racetrack bigwig to g
FLACCIDDetectives follow calf displaying limp (7)
DISTRICTNeighbourhood detective's scrupulous (8)
PAPERTRAILSDetective's clues?
DISASSOCIATECut off from detective's sidekick (12)
LUCIDLeft university to join detectives, clear? (5)
CHEAPSIDEDetectives nabbing 16 on English street near Bank (9)
PLAINCLOTHESProvides cover for detective's target around institute associated with rag trade (5,7)
PIPITSPrivate detectives beginning to tease small birds
AMINOACIDMain problem ? only a group of detectives reach compound (5,4)
ACCIDENTFate of detectives taken in by a bit of money (8)
DYNASTICDetectives turning up about nasty upset in connection with powerful family (8)
MEDICExtremely miserable detectives turned up for doctor
WHOOPEDCheered leaders of private eye detectives under who? (7)
ANTACIDWorker gives a group of detectives the remedy
HERBICIDEChap has brie sent to detectives seeking killer
ASDICWhen detectives turn up with underwater detective apparatus?
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