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Crossword Answers: Spillane-detective
MIKEHAMMERSpillane detective
ITHE"___ Jury" (Spillane detective novel)
COOLONESHEELSWait, to Spillane
HAMMERSpillane gumshoe
ITHEJURYSpillane classic
HERS"Vengeance is ___" (mystery story anthology edited by Mickey Spillane)
SHADOWBOXINGPrivate detective's favorite exercise?
COINCIDEDAgreed it's forged, detectives admitted (9)
MEDICALDetectives come back during lunch, possibly for a health check (7)
THESUNSNewspaper's exposed detectives in harem, wrong time for a drink (3,4,4,3,7)
COINCIDENTALUnintended interruption of octennial broadcast by detectives
DISSOLVEDetectives find the key and bring it to an end (8)
DISPLAYDetectives carry on fencing area for demo (7)
ADDUP"It just doesn't ___ ___..." (Detective's observation)
LACTICACIDLos Angeles detectives arresting Siberian run out to get result of tough workout? (6,4)
CAROTIDDetectives have rota designed like an artery (7)
DESERVEFirst of detectives, unusually severe, producing warrant (7)
DIKDIKCouple of detectives - neither of which have the first clue what an antelope is (3-3)
ADIPOSEFat detective's gripped by a role (7)
FINGERMARKSFeel the money may provide clues for the detectives
OCCLUDESStops senior officer getting head of detectives to probe crime information
DISORDERLYDetectives could be working with 6 down in a mess (10)

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