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Crossword Answers: Spicy-stew
DHALSpicy stew
RAGOUTSpicy stew
DALSpicy stew
OLLASpicy stew
CHILISpicy stew
OLIOSpicy stew
BURGOOThick spicy stew
CIVETSpicy stew of game
RAGOUTSSpicy stews
OLLASSpicy stews
OLIOSSpicy stews
AROMASSpicy fragrances
MULLIGATAWNYSpicy meat soup (12)
GINGERNUTSSpicy biscuits (10)
AIOLISpicy mayo
BITESTastes spicy
PEPPERSTEAKSpicy meat dish (6,5)
HOTSAUCESpicy addition
GINGERSpicy root
CORIANDERPlant with spicy fruit (9)
BATHBUNSweet spicy confection (4,3)
CARNATIONSpicy flower
MELBASpicy singer a sweet one? (5)
GINGERALESpicy, sweetened non-alcoholic drink (6,3)
PEPPERSpicy condiment (6)
SANGRITASpicy fruit beverage often used as a tequila chaser
PEPPA___ Pig (British children's cartoon character with a spicy-sounding name)
EGGFLIPSpicy drink to urge on the other side (3,4)
CARAMELCrate A, B or C (spicy and sweet) (7)

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