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Crossword Answers: Spicy-stew
OLIOSpicy stew
CHILISpicy stew
OLLASpicy stew
RAGOUTSpicy stew
BURGOOThick spicy stew
CIVETSpicy stew of game
HOTSRed ___ (spicy candies)
JALAPENOPOPPER"Would you like something spicy, Karl?"
PILAUSpicy Indian rice dish
MASALALooking back, it's a pity morning produced something spicy (6)
SUMACThat Bush can be poisonous and spicy hearing advice from lawyer to computer company (5)
GAZPACHOCold, spicy Spanish soup (8)
HOTCOALSSpicy black stuff goes red and glows in dark (3,5)
SANGRIASpicy Spanish drink (7)
GRAPESHOTCannon ammo makes fruit spicy (9)
BITESpicy quality
ENCHILADARolled mexican bread with savoury filling and served with spicy sauce
ENGLISHMUSTARDSpicy yellow condiment (7,7)
BIRDSNEST___ soup, rich spicy Chinese dish made from the outer part of nests of various swifts (5,4)
CHAITEAHot, spicy brew
BUFFALOWINGSpicy chicken appetizer
PASTRAMISpicy sandwich meat
HOTTERMore spicy
MUSTARDSpicy pretzel dip
GINGERSNAPSCrisp, spicy cookies
SALAMISSpicy sandwich meats
THATSA"Mamma mia, ___ spicy meatball-a!"
SPANISHRICESpicy side dish
ATOMICBOMBEReally spicy dessert?

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