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Crossword Answers: Spicy-stew
OLIOSpicy stew
CHILISpicy stew
OLLASpicy stew
RAGOUTSpicy stew
CIVETSpicy stew of game
BURGOOThick spicy stew
IDIOMS"In a stew," "eating crow," et al.
LAMBA stew base
KNOCKDOWNRAGOUTA stew that'll bowl you over?
MIXINAdd to the stew
OCAAndean stew vegetable
FRETBe in a stew
LIMASBeans in a stew
HOTPOTBeef stew, in Britain
OXTAILBeefy stew ingredient
OKRABourbon Street stew vegetable
SOPBread for a stew, e.g.
FRICASSEEBrown, stew, and serve in sauce
ONIONBrunswick stew ingredient
ETOUFFEECajun stew over rice
PEOPLECannibal's stew ingredient
BATONROUGEBONERAGOUTCapital's stew of butcher's scraps?
BUBBLEGUMBOCook stew until it boils?
CALLALOOCrabmeat stew
OLIONEEDISLOVECrossworder's folksy view on stew?
DINTYFirst name in stew

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