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Crossword Answers: Speaks-to-brusquely
BARKSATSpeaks to brusquely
LODGEHe speaks to the Cabots and Lowells
HABLAHe speaks, to Julio Iglesias
SAYSTSpeaks to a Quaker?
SAITHSpeaks to Shakespeare?
REBUFFEDRejected brusquely, as an advance
NIN"A Woman Speaks" writer
UNU"An Asian Speaks" author
ELK"Black ___ Speaks"
MOE"Calvin and Hobbes" bully who speaks in upper- and lowercase letters
YODA"Star Wars" saga character who speaks in object-subject-verb format
HARPO"___ Speaks!" (1961 autobiography)
SETH"___ Speaks" (Jane Roberts book)
UHURA'Star Trek' character who speaks fluent Swahili
OLEYComposer Speaks
MONSIEUREDEquine qui speaks
ORATESFormally speaks

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