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Crossword Answers: Speaks-to-brusquely
BARKSATSpeaks to brusquely
CALLSSpeaks to attract someone's attention (5)
SAITHSpeaks to Shakespeare?
SAYSTSpeaks to a Quaker?
HABLAHe speaks, to Julio Iglesias
LODGEHe speaks to the Cabots and Lowells
ACCENTEDThe way one speaks to writer created stress in a manner of speaking (8)
ACCOSTApproach and speak to boldly
PARLESpeak, to Monique
KNELTPrepared to speak to a tot, maybe
EXESThey often don't speak to each other
ARFSpeak to the owner?
YELLSpeak to the hard-of-hearing?
DECLARESpeak to the customs officer?
SHOUTATSpeak to stentorianly
ORATESpeak to one's countrymen
SNAPATSpeak to in anger
BARKATSpeak to gruffly
SIGNSpeak to deaf ears
LIPREADERHe won"t look you in the eye when you speak to him (3-6)
TWOSEATERSpeak to small consumer in sports car (3-6)
MUTEUnable to speak to me ringing Utah (4)
ABRUPTLYBrusquely (8)
REBUFFEDRejected brusquely, as an advance
IPHONESSiri speaks on them
DILATESAt length speaks of details (7)
QUEBECERStrange admitting Belgian college speaks French (8)
STERNLYHow the man at the back speaks? (7)
ISLANDERThis writer speaks ill of any Brit in home territory? (8)
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