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Crossword Answers: Speaks-to-brusquely
BARKSATSpeaks to brusquely
SAITHSpeaks to Shakespeare?
SAYSTSpeaks to a Quaker?
HABLAHe speaks, to Julio Iglesias
ACCENTEDThe way one speaks to writer created stress in a manner of speaking (8)
LODGEHe speaks to the Cabots and Lowells
ABRUPTLYBrusquely (8)
SOBSSp-[gasp]-speaks like th-[sniffle]-this
REBUFFEDRejected brusquely, as an advance
IPHONESSiri speaks on them
DILATESAt length speaks of details (7)
GPSCar item that speaks, in brief
SHAKESPEAREHere speaks a writer for a change (11)
ARABICArab, I see, speaks Middle-Eastern language (6)
THINKSOUTLOUDSleeps on it on holiday? Can be deafening as speaks one's mind (6,3,4)
QUEBECERStrange admitting Belgian college speaks French (8)
ADVOCATESpeaks for Dave disturbed admitting nothing to do with Tom (8)
JURYThey listen to the barmen provided foreman speaks for them (4)
EDITIONSSurprisingly no side around it speaks volumes perhaps (8)
CATIONICTom speaks old Greek language for relating to ions (8)

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