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Crossword Answers: Speaks-to-brusquely
BARKSATSpeaks to brusquely
AFFRONTSSpeaks to rudely
PRAYSSpeaks to God
CALLSSpeaks to attract someone's attention (5)
SAITHSpeaks to Shakespeare?
SAYSTSpeaks to a Quaker?
HABLAHe speaks, to Julio Iglesias
LODGEHe speaks to the Cabots and Lowells
ACCENTEDThe way one speaks to writer created stress in a manner of speaking (8)
INSULTSpeak to or treat with disrespect (6)
STUTTERWay to speak, to speak with difficulty
MAMUsed to speak to the Queen
ELECTORATEChoose to speak to the voters
PRAYSpeak to God
BASETouch ___ with (speak to)
APPROACHSHOTSpeak to host, ordering use of club
XENOPHOBEEnglish phone box designed for one who won't speak to the French? (9)
BUTTERCUPOil dealers about to speak to copper 29 (9)
WAISTLESSEat as much as you can so to speak - to end up like this? (9)
TALLYMENScore recorders almost speak to me in resurrecting New York line (8)
TRIADAttempt to speak to commercial society in China (5)
HARANGUEHear a gun go off and speak to someone angrily
STANOliver Hardy's comedy partner, ... Laurel, remarked, "If any of you cry at my funeral, I'll never sp
CONNECTEDRelated to, when allowed to speak to on the telephone (9)
RIVERKWAI"Do not speak to me of rules. This is war! This is not a game of cricket!" ordered Colonel Saito in
ABRUPTLYBrusquely (8)
REBUFFEDRejected brusquely, as an advance
THEMESubject on which a person speaks (5)
DEFENDSSpeaks up for

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