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Crossword Answers: Spare-change-collector
TIPJARSpare change collector
BUMSSpare change collectors
PIGGYBANKChange collector
PANHANDLERSeeker of spare change
TIRESpare change?
JARSpare change receptacle
COINSSpare change
BEGSeek spare change
BEGSRequests spare change
PITIESGives spare change to, say
HITUPUPDIKEAsk "Rabbit Redux" author for spare change?
COBWEBBBC owe sloppy dust collector (6)
ARCHAISTCollector of antiquities
VINYLSCORESuccessful acquisition for a collector of LPs?
INTHEDUMPSThe ailing trash collector was ...
COONGarbage collector, informally?
TRASHMANCollector of detritus
DUNSSends a bill collector
TOLLMANCollector at a gate
NERDMany a comic book collector
CHRISTIANPAILCollector of offerings at a revival?
BEACHCOMBERDriftwood collector
DUNGEONPrison for a debt-collector who has gone wrong
GETTYOil magnate and art collector, Jean Paul ...
NUMISMATOLOGISTCriminal misusing ATM loot as collector of bits and pieces? (15)
FLYTRAPSAt the start of 9 across, Eliot admits music is from the Venus collector? (8)
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