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Crossword Answers: Spare-change-collector
TIPJARSpare change collector
BUMSSpare change collectors
PIGGYBANKChange collector
REAPSGathers spare change (5)
PEARSSpare change for fruit
PANHANDLERSeeker of spare change
TIRESpare change?
JARSpare change receptacle
COINSSpare change
BEGSeek spare change
BEGSRequests spare change
PITIESGives spare change to, say
HITUPUPDIKEAsk "Rabbit Redux" author for spare change?
EARPLUGSPull in spare change to provide stops for organs? (8)
OILPANCar collector?
NUMISMATISTCoin-collector (11)
JAILERCan collector?
DEBT___ collector
PRETTYPENNYTidy sum, to a coin collector?
TROLLFairy-tale toll collector
CURIOUSPeculiar collector"s item given to American (7)
RAINWATERRoof run-off collector, ... tank
IRATEMad old tax collector put away (5)
RACKERPool-ball collector?
DUNBeing a debt-collector is dull
ELGINWhat's large, secured by a German sculpture collector? (5)
HERBERTCARTERWhich schoolmaster was an active collector and entomologist interested in beetles and weevils, an ho
DUSTTRAPDashing stud role arising for collector of dirty films (4,4)
ANALYSTShrink from the mention of a record collector (7)
OBIMANOne of the 4, a nameless old refuse collector (3-3)

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