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Crossword Answers: Spare-change-collector
TIPJARSpare change collector
BUMSSpare change collectors
PIGGYBANKChange collector
PEARSSpare change for fruit
PANHANDLERSeeker of spare change
TIRESpare change?
JARSpare change receptacle
COINSSpare change
BEGSeek spare change
BEGSRequests spare change
PITIESGives spare change to, say
HITUPUPDIKEAsk "Rabbit Redux" author for spare change?
COMPILERCollector (8)
TIPRefuse collector"s gratuity? (3)
GATHERSIs a collector, one deduces (7)
DETClue collector: Abbr.
ASSESSORProperty tax collector
PILLARBOXCylindrical letter collector (6,3)
ATTICCobweb collector
HATTip collector for many an amateur performer
TARPITBone collector
IMPIOUSUnholy little devil is a debt-collector
CELLOInstrument turning up as a collector"s piece (5)
PERTINACIOUSDoggedly stubborn secretary hides in hospital box with Charlie - the debt collector is looking for t
PUBLICANHotel manager or a Roman Empire tax collector
EXLIBRISTSMore than one bookplate collector is touring house no end (2-8)
DUNCANIn "Macbeth", a debt collector with a metal box (6)
SWAPExchange (you might do this with collector cards in the playground) (4)
SPARBox of spares? (4)
BOWLEDRolled strikes and spares
TYRESSpares in boots
SPARSESpares turn out to be meagre (6)
BOWLINGSport of spares and strikes
ICHING"Book of Changes"
YES"Changes" rock group
OCHS"Changes" singer
OPENFRAMEIt results when a bowler neither strikes nor spares
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