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Crossword Answers: Southern-tip-of-South-America
CAPEHORNSouthern tip of South America
HORNCape ___, rocky headland on an island at the extreme southern tip of South America (4)
DELTierra ___ Fuego (islands off the southern tip of South America)
CAPEMAYSouthern tip of New Jersey
CABOResort on the southern tip of Baja
AMDESMountains of South America
ALPACACud-chewing mammal of South America (6)
PAMPASLowlands of South America
CHILEBANONBorder sharers of South America and Asia?
BOLIVARSimon of South America
CHILE"Spine" of South America
VESPUCCIEarly explorer of South America
RHEASBig birds of South America
GUIANAVast tropical region of South America
PAMPATreeless plain of South America
BOGOTAThe Athens of South America
PACASRodents of South America
AMAZONREGIONPart of South America
BOLIVIANSLandlocked people of South America
ATACAMADesert region along the west coast of South America (7)
CHARANGOSmall, ten-string lute of South America whose back is traditionally fashioned from an armadillo shel
PUDUDiminutive deer of South America with a reddish-brown spotted coat (4)
TAPIOCAFood whose name comes from the Tupi language of South America
SOOKEDistrict on Vancouver Island's southern tip
CAPEOFGOODHOPEAfrican's southern tip
NADUTamil ___ (state at India's southern tip)
ONLYStone cut across tip of leather sole (4)
SHOEIt may be on the tip of the tongue
AGLETTip of a shoelace
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