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Crossword Answers: Southern-tip-of-South-America
CAPEHORNSouthern tip of South America
TIERRAArchipelago at the southern tip of South America (6,3,5)
CAPERocky headland at the southern tip of South America (4,4)
HORNCape ___, rocky headland on an island at the extreme southern tip of South America (4)
DELTierra ___ Fuego (islands off the southern tip of South America)
COMORINCape ___ : the southern tip of India?
LIZARDScaly reptile at the southern tip of England
CAPEMAYSouthern tip of New Jersey
CABOResort on the southern tip of Baja
TAPIRFleshy-snouted animal of South America
TINAMOUBirds of South America resembling gallinaceous game birds (7)
GUYANAFellow attracting gossip in part of South America (6)
ANACONDAGirl tricked a reported killer of South America (8)
CHINCHILLASmall rodent inhabiting mountain regions of South America (10)
AMAZONGreat river of South America (6)
ARGENTINANation of South America
ELNINOThe weather pattern over the Pacific Ocean producing drought in Australian and floods on the west co
TOMATOPlant of South America cultivated for its red fleshy edible fruits (6)
AGOUTIRabbit-sized rodent of South America valued as food (6)
ATACAMADESERTArea of South America with average rainfall of about 15mm per year (7,6)
GUANACOMammal of South America believed to be an ancestor of the domestic llama (7)
HACIENDALarge Spanish ranch, common in the Pampa Province of South America
GRAMMAPasture grass of plains of South America and western North America.
SPANISHMAINNorth coast of South America of old, with pirates (7,4)
ARAUCARIAHe's set for a long spell as an upstanding native of South America (9)
PATAGONIAFor beating a pinata go to part of South America (9)
COYPULarge rodent of South America that looks like a beaver
PATAGONIANOld man again not to be shifted from part of South America

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