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Crossword Answers: Southern-tip-of-South-America
CAPEHORNSouthern tip of South America
DELTierra ___ Fuego (islands off the southern tip of South America)
CABOResort on the southern tip of Baja
CAPEMAYSouthern tip of New Jersey
SIMONBOLIVAR"The Liberator" of South America
TITIArboreal critter of South America
CALICartel city of South America
GAUCHOMARXCommunist cowboy of South America?
RHEAFlightless bird of South America
LLANOGrassy plain of South America
ANDESGreat range of South America
NADUTamil ___ (state at India's southern tip)
CAPEOFGOODHOPEAfrican's southern tip
AFROG"There is ___ in South America..." (Paul Simon line)
NOVABad name for a Chevy marketed in South America
BRASILIACapital city in South America
ESSE"Emollit mores nec sinit ___ feros" (motto of the University of South Carolina meaning "Learning hum
NGO--- Dinh Diem, first elected President of Republic of South Vietnam
ROSSANOActor ___ Brazzi of "South Pacific"
OSCANAncient dweller of south-central Italy
SOWETOArea of South Africa

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