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Crossword Answers: Son-of-Charlemagne
LOUISISon of Charlemagne
PALADINLegendary attendant of Charlemagne
PEPINFather of Charlemagne
BERTHAMother of Charlemagne
MARTELCharles, grandfather of Charlemagne
DANGME"I'll be a son of a gun"
STU"Son of Flubber" actor Erwin
YGOR"Son of Frankenstein" role
LEVIN"Son of Rosemary" author
AGUN"Son of ___ !"
ILLBE"Son of a gun!"
INCA"Son of the Sun"
SHEIK"Son of the ___" (Valentino classic)
SEQ"Son of" film, e.g.: Abbr.
IBN"Son of" in Arabic
SEQUEL"Son of" story
EINHARDFrankish historian noted for the Vita Karoli Magni, a biography of Charlemagne (7)
AACHENCity in Germany, the northern capital of Charlemagne"s empire (6)
SUTTER"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt
KATEYSagal of 'Sons of Anarchy'
LEVI1 of the 12 sons of Jacob
DREADe Matteo of "Sons of Anarchy"
TEAPARTYSons of Liberty gathering
RON"Sons of Anarchy" star Perlman
ANARCHY"Sons of ___" (FX drama)
OPIE"Sons of Anarchy" gang member ___ Winston
ALECOne of George Gallup's sons of polling fame
ALEXKim Coates' character in Sons Of Anarchy: _ 'Tig' Trager.
RUDKINDavid ___, playwright whose works include Afore Night Come, The Triumph of Death and The Sons of Lig
DESIDino, __ & Billy: '60s band that included sons of two musical celebs

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