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Crossword Answers: Son-of-Charlemagne
LOUISISon of Charlemagne
MARTELCharles, grandfather of Charlemagne
BERTHAMother of Charlemagne
PEPINFather of Charlemagne
PALADINLegendary attendant of Charlemagne
DANGME"I'll be a son of a gun"
STU"Son of Flubber" actor Erwin
YGOR"Son of Frankenstein" role
LEVIN"Son of Rosemary" author
AGUN"Son of ___ !"
ILLBE"Son of a gun!"
INCA"Son of the Sun"
SHEIK"Son of the ___" (Valentino classic)
SEQ"Son of" film, e.g.: Abbr.
IBN"Son of" in Arabic
VOXPOPULIVOXDEIAlcuin's assertion to Charlemagne
HOLYROMANEMPIREBy many accounts, it began with Charlemagne
AACHENCharlemagne capital
HRECharlemagne domain: abbr.
SARACENCharlemagne opponent
NOMCharlemagne, e.g.
EMPCharlemagne, e.g.: Abbr.
REALMDomain for Charlemagne
FILSLouis I, to Charlemagne
EMPERORSMaximilian and Charlemagne
ADAM"Bonanza" son
HOSS"Bonanza" son
ZOCOR"... The cowardly royal son, Prince ___,..."
MOAB"... first born bare a son, and called his name ___" (Gen
BEAMAN"... you'll ___ my son!": Kipling
AMAN"... you'll be ___, my son!": Kipling
AGE"...for I have born him a son in his old ___"
HIS"...he gave ___ only begotten Son" (John 3:16)
FIRSTBORN"And she brought forth her ___ son" (Luke 2:7)
JABBERWOCK"Beware the ___, my son!"
THEKID"But ___ is not my son" (Michael Jackson line)
KIDIS"But the ___ not my son..." ("Billie Jean" )
KANSAS"Carry On Wayward Son" band

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