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Crossword Answers: Some-eyewear
SPECSSome eyewear
SHADESSome eyewear
HAKIMCanadian eyewear chain, ___ Optical
SPECTACLESEyewear for Grandpa
HUTSunglass ___ (eyewear chain)
FRAMESEyewear-store purchase
HORNRIMSHipster eyewear
THREEDMOVIEFilm that requires special eyewear
SUNGLASSESBeachgoer's eyewear
MONOCLESOne-lens eyewear
GRANNYGLASSESWoodstock eyewear
SHOTGLASSESThe eyewear photographers ___
SPEXEyewear, on Mad. Ave.
LENSESEyewear units
MONOCLEEyewear for Col. Klink
PEARLEBig name in eyewear
GOGGLESAce's eyewear
OPTISteve Martin's eyewear invention in The Jerk, the "___-Grab"

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