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Crossword Answers: Snowboard-relative
MONOSKISnowboard relative
SLEDSnowboard alternative
SKISSnowboard alternative
SKISnowboard cousin
SLEDSSnowboard cousins
PICABOStreet in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame
PSST"Ahem" relative
HEY"Ahem" relative
OOF"Ouch!" relative
YOW"Ouch!" relative
ADIEU""Au revoir!"" relative
LADIESFIRST"After you" relative
AUNTCLARA"Bewitched" relative who rarely got her spells right
OLE"Bravo!" relative
BLT"Chicken sal san" relative
ONEWAY"Do Not Enter" relative
VIZ"E.g." relative
OHO"Eureka!" relative
BOY"Far out!" relative
SITONIT"Go jump in a lake!" relative
LTD"Inc." relative
SOS"Mayday!" relative
SOAMI"Me too!" relative
SODOI"Me too" relative
OTHER"None of the above" relative
GUV"Old chap" relative
ITT"Ooky" TV relative
RAD"Phat!" relative
TUSH"Phooey!" relative
WHAM"Pow!" relative
AHEM"Psst" relative

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