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Crossword Answers: Skye-slope
BRAESkye slope
BRAESSkye slopes
YEASTBrewing agent from Skye, a stickler
KEYSSkye annoyed islands elsewhere (4)
KINKYCrazy family on Skye stripped (5)
GAS___ Food Lodging stars Ione Skye
SLEATSound between Skye and Scotland
HEBRIDESSkye, Mull, et al.
ERSESkye talk
IONASkye neighbor
SCOTSSkye natives
LASSSkye miss
SCOTSkye guy
TAMSSkye caps
TAMSkye cap
SAESkye "so"
SKYHIGHSkye greeting heard where rocketing prices go (3-4)
INNERHEBRIDESSkye is part of which island group? (5,8)
BORNHe was, some said of the Skye-bound lad, a king having no trouble failing (4,2,4)
ORKNEYSStormy Skye or N. Scottish isles (7)
OVERTHESEAHow to get to Skye ___ by air? (4,3,3)
TALISKERThe only distillery on the Isle of Skye
INNERSkye is the largest of the ___ Hebrides. (5)
CYCOSumo ___ (Canadian band in which Skye Sweetnam is lead singer)
SKISUITOutfit for the slopes
STEEPESTMost inclined (of slopes)
FOOTHILLSSlopes at a mountain base
RECEDESSlopes backward
RAMSSlopes deprived of soft sheep
STEMTURNSManeuvers on the slopes
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