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Crossword Answers: Skye-slope
BRAESkye slope
BRAESSkye slopes
GAS___ Food Lodging stars Ione Skye
SLEATSound between Skye and Scotland
HEBRIDESSkye, Mull, et al.
ERSESkye talk
IONASkye neighbor
SCOTSSkye natives
LASSSkye miss
SCOTSkye guy
TAMSSkye caps
TAMSkye cap
SAESkye "so"
ISLESMan, Skye, and Wight
HEBRIDEANFrom Skye, say
TERRIERFox or Skye
ISLEFair or Skye
UIGCity on Skye
IONES"Say Anything" actress Skye et al.
IONE"Gas Food Lodging" actress ___ Skye
OVERTHESEAHow to get to Skye ___ by air? (4,3,3)
TALISKERThe only distillery on the Isle of Skye
INNERSkye is the largest of the ___ Hebrides. (5)
CYCOSumo ___ (Canadian band in which Skye Sweetnam is lead singer)
SKIEROne on slopes
DELVESSlopes suddenly
YODELSing on the slopes
HOTDOGGERShowoff on the slopes
ESSDifficult turn on the slopes
SKILODGESHangouts on the slopes
SKILIFTSRides on the slopes
SKIBUMSNo strangers to the slopes
SNOWYLike ski slopes in winter
FOHNWarm, dry wind blowing down the northern slopes of the Alps (4)
CRAMPMuscular pains given by many slopes (6)
SKITEAMWinter Olympics squad that competes on slopes: 2 wds.
JBARSkier's transport on slopes that need to update their machinery
COCOADrink after a day on the slopes
SANREMOPort and resort in Imperia, NW Italy on the slopes of the Maritime Alps (7)
ETNAAbout a quarter of the population of Sicily lives on its slopes
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