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Crossword Answers: Skirt-inserts
GODETSSkirt inserts
GORESSkirt inserts
GORESkirt insert
GODETSkirt insert
HOOPSkirt insert
GEMSRing inserts
FILTERSCoffeemaker inserts
LIFTSShoe inserts that make you taller
LENSESFrame inserts
DRAWERSTill inserts
MEMORYCARDSMobile phone inserts
PIANOROLLSInserts for self-playing instruments
BBSSmall magazine inserts
IVTUBES4 tire inserts?
PHOTOSAlbum inserts
OBOEREEDSCertain instrument inserts
AAASWiimote inserts
MAPSTravel book inserts
TAPERSMenorah inserts
SLIDESProjector inserts
BLADESRazor inserts
BULBSLamp inserts
PANESWindow inserts
SHOETREESShape-saving footwear inserts
SPINALType of column Sally inserts peg in
HEROANDLEANDERBird inserts a key given by rowing-club lovers (4,3,7)
ACTRESSPlayer inserts key in a lock (7)
LIGHTBULBSLamp inserts pale tulips and daffodils (5,5)

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