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Crossword Answers: Skirt-inserts
GORESSkirt inserts
GODETSSkirt inserts
DBATTERIES* Flashlight inserts
TOKENSArcade game inserts
STENTSArtery inserts
REEDSBassoon inserts
ONESBeverage machine inserts
CDSBoom box inserts
NUTSBrownie inserts
ROMSCD-___ (computer inserts)
STAYSCollar inserts
ADSCredit card bill inserts
PEGSCribbage board inserts
RODSCurtain inserts
CDROMSD: drive inserts
STEREOSDash inserts
INSOLESDr. Scholl's inserts
BITSDrill inserts
IVSE.R. inserts
CARETSEditor's inserts
LTRSEnv. inserts
FOLDERSFile inserts
DISKSFloppy ___ (computer inserts)
MIDIBelow-the-knee skirt
MAXIBelow-the-knee skirt
MINI"Laugh-In"-era skirt
CAKE"Short Skirt/Long Jacket" band
TUTU"Swan Lake" skirt
POODLE1950s kind of skirt
REHEMAdjust one's skirt?
HEMSAdjusts, as a skirt
SLITAlluring skirt feature
BEEFEATERMINIAlluring skirt of the Royal Guard?
BOBBYSOCKSAnklets worn with a poodle skirt
ADELEAstaire with a skirt
TIMBUKTUTUTUBallet skirt from Mali?
RODEUPBecame raised, as a skirt

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