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Crossword Answers: Sixties
LARAMIESixties TV western
SEXAGENARIANSomeone in their sixties (12)
NEONSign of the sixties
MINISixties apparel
LAVALAMPIcon of the Sixties
AFROSixties hairstyle
LSDSixties drug
SANDHURSTIn the Sixties, Prince Michael of Kent underwent training at this military academy
SUNSixties classic song, The House Of The Rising ...
SKIRTSThey weren"t worn long during the Sixties (6)
JETSONSSixties TV animation space age family with the robot dog, Astro, and robot maid, Rosie
BEATLEAny of the four lads from Liverpool who transformed pop in the Sixties
DRAFTIn the Sixties, US citizens fleeing the country to avoid military service were called ... dodgers
MIAMI'Freedom flights' from Cuba to the US in the Sixties landed at this Florida city
YESTERDAYOK, exchange rate divided by 500 and unknown number in the sixties (9)
LASERThe technology for this light-ray weapon was developed in the Sixties
THEBEATLESSixties supergroup has the rhythm, Les (3,7)
ALADish of the sophisticated Sixties, chicken ... king (1,2)
SWINGINGThe sort of voter that was fashionable in the sixties (8)
AGENTIn the sixties millions of gallons of the deadly herbicide, ... Orange, were sprayed over South Viet
SKAType of West Indian pop music of the sixties (3)
CARNABYSTREETSoho fashion hub of the Swinging Sixties (7,6)
EKBERGActress popular in the fifties and sixties, Anita ...
OPARTSixties movement, love given role (2,3)
AGEThe sixties musical Hair started us talking about the dawning of the ... of Aquarius
EGOTRIPIn the Sixties we started using this phrase to describe an act conspicuous self-indulgence (3,4)
VIETNAMSouth East Asian nation which forced the withdrawal of US forces supporting its southern regime in t
SILENCEISSixties hit for English pop group The Tremeloes, ... Golden (7,2)
BEEHIVESixties hairdo houses honey producers (7)
OLDIEClassic song of the Sixties by orchestra leader from Longford, Ireland (5)
MARYQUANTPopular fashion designer with London's Chelsea Set in the swinging sixties who is credited with defi
MANILOW"Greatest Songs of the Sixties" artist
EVA"Little" 1960s singer
CASS"Mama" of 1960s pop
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