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Crossword Answers: Sings-jazzily
SCATSSings jazzily
BOPSDances jazzily
VAMPImprovise jazzily
ADV"Jazzily" or "rhythmically": abbr.
PSALMISTOne sings his praises (8)
SKYLARKBird that sings aloft (7)
PLACIDODINGO"Down under" dog that sings tenor?
TOM*Tucker who sings for his supper
WINGSIn My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle sings, "I could have spread my ...; And done a thousand things; I'v
FOSSEDitch openings of foreign operas; Schwarzkopf sings English (5)
THRILLERHe sings about heroin, bringing out top selling album (8)
GREENWOODTREE'Under the ___', Thomas Hardy wrote and Amiens sings in "As You Like It" (9,4)
FLYCATCHERBird, insect, mammal? One that sings (10)
BABYONEMORETIMESee me repeatedly boo a Britney pop song that she sings (4,3,4,4)
WHISTLINGKETTLEIt sings out when it's time for tea (9,6)
EULOGISTOne who sings the praises of another (8)
LASHINGSHal sings badly - and a lot! (8)
THELARKHigh-flier that sings in 8 by 2 (3,4)
IRAJudy sings his songs in "A Star Is Born"
KIWITEKANAWA"Down under" bird that sings like a bird?
GNEISSIn the end, Ramone sings punk rock (6)
UPANDIn That Old Black Magic, Sammy Davis Jr sings, "Icy fingers ... down my spine; That same old witchcr
LAMENTSings the blues for soldier burying lads behind academy (6)
SOPRANOOne sings a note softly, Queen taking one's place (7)
HERALD"... the ___ angels sing"
THELETTERMEN"At 1 P.M. ___ will sing..."
ODETS"Awake and Sing!" dramatist
ATDAWN"... birds will sing -": Browning
LOUISARMSTRONG"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."
BAEZ"And a Voice to Sing With" autobiographer

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