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Crossword Answers: Sings-jazzily
SCATSSings jazzily
BOPSDances jazzily
VAMPImprovise jazzily
ADV"Jazzily" or "rhythmically": abbr.
NIGHTINGALESOdd thing is, fashionable screams of laughter sings listener to sleep perhaps (12)
TOSCAOpera character who sings "Vissi d'arte"
RIOBRAVOFilm in which Dean Martin sings "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me"
LEHAR"Where the Lark Sings" composer
REPUBLICANIt's about the man at the bar who sings down The King's Head? (10)
TUCKEROne's best bib and this when little Thomas sings for his supper (6)
SONGSTERSings the praises perhaps of shaky net? Gross! (8)
BELTSOUTSings loudly (2 wds.)
ELIDESSings "'S Wonderful," say
SEEDLINGSSpooner says lead sings about little trees (9)
BUSKSSings on street
SWELLINGSSings about ... well ... enlargements! (9)
ATOMParticle Ani DiFranco sings about
NICELYWhen doubled, "Guys and Dolls" guy who sings "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat"
CANTOROfficial who sings in Hebrew
CAREYMariah who sings
BONOHe sings with an edge and with The Edge
OCTETWhat has sixteen legs and sings?
GLEEClub that sings
BELTSITOUTSings with gusto
ATDAWN"... birds will sing -": Browning
HERALD"... the ___ angels sing"
LOUISARMSTRONG"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."
BAEZ"And a Voice to Sing With" autobiographer
THELETTERMEN"At 1 P.M. ___ will sing..."
ODETS"Awake and Sing!" dramatist

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