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Crossword Answers: Sings-jazzily
SCATSSings jazzily
BOPSDances jazzily
VAMPImprovise jazzily
ADV"Jazzily" or "rhythmically": abbr.
EDENGarden Sara Bareilles sings about?
TOSCAOpera character who sings "Vissi d'arte"
LEHAR"Where the Lark Sings" composer
OVER"It ain't ___ till the fat lady sings"
YODELERPerson who sings like someone in the Swiss Alps
SAVINGSSings about Albert and Victoria initially having a nest egg (7)
WITCHCRAFTIn That Old Black Magic, Sammy Davis Jr sings: "Icy fingers up and down my spine; That same old ...
TOHERIn My Fair Lady Professor Higgins sings, "I've grown accustomed ... face" (2,3)
ELSAAnimated character who sings "Let It Go"
ROUNDSong for more that one singer where each person sings the same melody but comes in at different time
VANOUTENDenise -, television presenter whose credits include The Big Breakfast and Who Dares, Sings! (3,5)
SLINGSSings about fifty Romans having simple weapons (6)
YENTL1983 title character who sings "Where Is It Written?"
WEDNESDAYADDAMSBroadway character who sings "I don't have a sunny disposition"
NIGHTINGALESOdd thing is, fashionable screams of laughter sings listener to sleep perhaps (12)
RIOBRAVOFilm in which Dean Martin sings "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me"
REPUBLICANIt's about the man at the bar who sings down The King's Head? (10)
TUCKEROne's best bib and this when little Thomas sings for his supper (6)
LYRICISTHe writes the words (not sings the songs)
HERALD"... the ___ angels sing"
THELETTERMEN"At 1 P.M. ___ will sing..."
ODETS"Awake and Sing!" dramatist
ATDAWN"... birds will sing -": Browning
LOUISARMSTRONG"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."
BAEZ"And a Voice to Sing With" autobiographer
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