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Crossword Answers: Singer-who's-a-Backstreet-Boy's-brother
AARONCARTERSinger who's a Backstreet Boy's brother
BUNGCROSBYSinger who's a real corker?
EBAYWebsite "Weird Al" Yankovic mentions in a Backstreet Boys parody
MISTERDJTitle guy in a Backstreet Boys song
SIGHSound a Backstreet Boys fan might make
JUSTINBEEPERSinger who's always on call?
LORISinger who's an actress
PATTILAPELSinger who's always in fashion?
CHAKAKHANR. & B. singer who's able?
FELLAFITZGERALDJazz singer who's your average Joe?
ACTThe Backstreet Boys, e.g.
TEENSMany Backstreet Boys fans
ELVISSinger who's the subject of Carl Perkins's "The Whole World Misses You"
TOMJONESDeep-voiced singer who's still a sex symbol at age 63
STAYSThe Backstreet Boys' "My Heart ___ With You"
ADSThe Backstreet Boys have done them for Burger King
LOCUSTSGrasshoppers appeared when Col came up to us on backstreet (7)
TROLLSNordic goblins take a tumble in backstreet (6)
RESTAURATEURChef; a true star cooking on French backstreet
OILPAINTSCrude torture on backstreet used, for example, by Munch in versions of The Scream (3,6)

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