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Crossword Answers: Singer-who's-a-Backstreet-Boy's-brother
AARONCARTERSinger who's a Backstreet Boy's brother
BUNGCROSBYSinger who's a real corker?
EBAYWebsite "Weird Al" Yankovic mentions in a Backstreet Boys parody
MISTERDJTitle guy in a Backstreet Boys song
SIGHSound a Backstreet Boys fan might make
JLONickname for the female singer who's a judge on "American Idol": 2 wds.
NETTSBrings in a backstreet number (5)
RAYBilly ___ Cyrus (country singer who's Miley's father)
ENYABRENNANIrish singer who's usually known by her first name
JUSTINBEEPERSinger who's always on call?
LORISinger who's an actress
PATTILAPELSinger who's always in fashion?
CHAKAKHANR. & B. singer who's able?
ADAMWith 30-Across, Maroon 5 lead singer who's a judge on "The Voice"
GLORIAESTEFAN"Coming Out of the Dark" singer who's part owner of the Miami Dolphins: 2 wds.
ELVISSinger who's the subject of Carl Perkins's "The Whole World Misses You"
BENOne of John-Boy's brothers
SWANSinger who is said never to give an encore (4)
JOHNNYCASHCountry singer who is on the money?
ISAACHAYESSoul singer who is also a coronated king of Ghana
BONOSinger who is part owner of Forbes magazine
EDEHGlobal News anchor who is a 3x Olympian, Rosey ___
LIDIARestaurateur Ms. Bastianich who is a celebrity chef on PBS
BEYONCELemonade singer who is married to rapper Jay Z, ___ Knowles (7)

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