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Crossword Answers: Silver-lead-in
HIYOSilver lead-in?
REINSilver lead
COSANostra lead-in
DEARREADERLead-in to some written advice
CIALead-in to a 2000s "-gate"
ARTERTONGemma ___, actress whose roles include the female lead in 2013 action film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hu
ALKASeltzer lead-in
HALFNelson's lead-in?
TAJMahal lead-in
LIPOLead-in to suction
WYEZee lead-in
SPEARHEADTake the lead in
ONEArea code lead-in
FIONAFemale lead in "Brigadoon"
PTEROLead-in to dactyl
USHERLead in
BAIOScott who played the lead in 1976's "Bugsy Malone"
JAYLead-in for bird or walk
STEPLadder lead-in
CESSPool lead-in
ALSOExtra point lead-in
GENX or Y lead-in
TACOBell or shell lead-in
TOTEBag or board lead-in
SANSSouci or serif lead-in
DRACHMASilver coin of ancient Greece
CHINCHILLASmall silver-furred rodent
PUTTEMANSEmiel ___, 1972 Olympic men's 10,000m silver medallist for Belgium (9)
HOLLYBLUESmall, widespread butterfly whose pale silver-blue wings are spotted with ivory dots (5,4)
LIBERACEFlamboyant fifties pianist forever linked to his silver candelabra stage prop
AGGREGATEAfter silver, Greg devoured the whole lot (9)
NETBALLThe Silver Ferns represent New Zealand in this team court sport
FERNFronded shade-loving plant; when it's silver, a symbol of New Zealand
CLOUDEvery ___ has a silver lining, proverb (5)
TENPENCESilver UK coin (3,5)
BIRCHESSilver ___, trees (7)
PRECIOUSMETALSGold and silver, eg (8,6)
DIAGRAMSketch princess with silver sheep (7)
HOMAGEWhat's paid to keep silver in the home (6)
LAPLATAArgentina's RA-o de __: River of Silver
PEELIan ___, 2000 Olympic trap shooting silver medallist (4)

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