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Crossword Answers: Silver-lead-in
HIYOSilver lead-in?
REINSilver lead
GALENASilvery lead ore
DANIELSPaul leads in trickery? (7)
FUHREROne who leads in the German language
ABLAZEIdle Jack leads in anger
USHERSLeads (in)
ROANHorse leads in race over at Newmarket (4)
OVERSTEPGo beyond disgruntled voters to get leads in every poll (8)
EXESThe two leads in 1979's "Kramer vs. Kramer"
REQUIESCATThis leads in pace in races, quite strangely (10)
PATROLCARSFor those following criminal leads in seating areas for investigators (6,4)
TONGAIsland leads in trying out new green actions (5)
LOCUMList of characters undermined melodramatic leads in Casualty temporarily (5)
ETHANFROMEMattie Silver's love, in fiction
NAGSilver's following Tonto's third horse (3)
OATSSilver's supper?
VAGARYBe inconsistent about silver's inconsistent behaviour (6)
EROSGolden Silvers "Arrows of ___"
THEFIXX"One Thing Leads to Another" band
BALLERINAS"Swan Lake" leads
PIECESOFEIGHTOld Spanish coins - Long John Silver's parrot's cry (6,2,5)
HOMAGERespect natural setting in which silver's found (6)
TREASURELong John Silver's pirates proclaimed, "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest; Yo-ho-ho and a bottle o
FIXX"One Thing Leads to Another" band, with "The"

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