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Crossword Answers: Silver-lead-in
HIYOSilver lead-in?
REINSilver lead
OOH"La la" lead-in
TRA"La la" lead-in
HUP"2, 3, 4" lead-in
TARARA"Boom-de-ay" lead-in
ATTA"Boy" or "girl" lead-in
ETHNO"Centric" lead-in
NEO"Conservative" lead-in
AND"How!" lead-in
IMA"Little teapot" lead-in
EPI"Log" lead-in
PSI"Love You" lead-in
LOOKMA"No hands!" lead-in
IGOT"Rhythm" lead-in
GALENASilvery lead ore
ABLAZEIdle Jack leads in anger
USHERSLeads (in)
PATROLCARSFor those following criminal leads in seating areas for investigators (6,4)
TONGAIsland leads in trying out new green actions (5)
LOCUMList of characters undermined melodramatic leads in Casualty temporarily (5)
LEHAR"Gold and Silver Waltz" composer
NICKELBACK"Silver Side Up" band
HANS"Silver Skates" boy
ERIN"Silver Spoons" actress Gray
STONE"Silver" star
GOLD"I have coveted no man's silver, or___" (Acts 20:33)
SYLVA"Look for the Silver Lining" lyricist Buddy De___
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