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Crossword Answers: Showed-scorn
SNEEREDShowed scorn
SCOFFSShows scorn
SARDONICScorn aid, perhaps, with a sneer
CENSORCast scorn on English watchdog (6)
SPURAlmost scorn physical stimulus
PILLORYExpose to public scorn
OMENSPortents some women scorn
SCOFFEDExpressed scorn (7)
SPATOUTUttered with scorn
JEERExpress scorn
REFTarget of fans' scorn
CONTEMNSTreats with scorn
SNEEZE___ at (scorn)
INCISORSWhat I scorn is D.D.S.'s delight
DERIDEDSpoke with scorn
SNEERINGShowing scorn
JEERATShow scorn to
AGEISMScorn for seniors
GECKScottish word for a dupe or object of scorn (4)
CRIMSONI'm held in scorn, turning bright red
CORNCOBScorn cobbler holding ear of maize (7)
SATIREWitty language used to convey insults or scorn (6)
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