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Crossword Answers: Showed-scorn
SNEEREDShowed scorn
NECROMANCERSMere scorn can upset sorcerers (12)
BYWORDObject of scorn
PILLORIEDExposed to public scorn (9)
SARDONICScorn aid, perhaps, with a sneer
CENSORCast scorn on English watchdog (6)
SPURAlmost scorn physical stimulus
PILLORYExpose to public scorn
OMENSPortents some women scorn
SCOFFEDExpressed scorn (7)
SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL"Look who just showed up!"
ISEE"You showed me"
DWAYNEYAWNEDActor Hickman showed boredom
FLASHEDBriefly showed oneself in public
ROLLEDINCasually showed up
WEAKKNIGHTSObjects of scorn at the Round Table
OHOAn expression of surprise or scorn (5)
CONTEMPTUOUSLYWith scorn I leave police: you mustn't worry (14)
SCROUNGERSThey treat urges to work with scorn (10)
CONTEMPTOFCOURTScorn for amorous behaviour causing trouble with the judge (8,2,5)
BIGDEALExclamation of scorn, belittling a claim (3,4)
CONTUMELIOUSLY"No music", you tell the mess with haughty scorn (14)
DISSEVERSSplits from son, always being held in scorn (9)
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