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Crossword Answers: Short-on-forbearance
ANTSYShort on forbearance
ANEMICShort on iron
MINISThey're short on material
DWEEBSThey're short on social capital
BLAHShort on juice
MINIMARTINIBond's drink when he's short on time?
TERSEShort on words
BLUNTShort on finesse
SKETCHYShort on details
SLOWShort on customers
FLATShort on pizazz
TOOLIGHTShort on severity
ONEACTShort on stage
DENSEShort on sharpness
CRAMPEDShort on room
ARIDShort on rainfall
UGLYShort on looks
MILDShort on jalapenos
COWARDLYShort on gumption
BLANDShort on flavor
SLIMShort on fat
HORSERADISHESSteed cut short on the radio by that woman from society of saucy plants (13)
COURTShort on love at the sports arena (5)
LITANYSounds like Annie is short on literature but big on a list (6)
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