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Crossword Answers: Short-exile
EXPATShort exile?
EJECTIONThrowing out - exile (8)
KICKOFFExile from?
BANISHEDSent into exile
EXCELConsonants of exile stand out (5)
ELEGISTOvid, during his exile
ENYA'Exile' New Age singer
KLEMENSVONMETTERNICHWho signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau (1814), sending Napoleon into exile, and led his country's de
SADEHebrew character unhappy over Exile primarily (4)
DUPABLEGreen turnover, the sweet of Napoleon's exile? (7)
BENIGNOAQUINOWhich political leader was assassinated at the Manila Airport upon his return from exile? (7,6)
BREDADutch city where Charles II lived in exile
GREECEMediterranean nation led by a military junta from 1967 to 1974 when new government leader Karamanlis
GENERALDEGAULLELeader of the French government in exile during World War II and later president of France (7,2,6)
ASCENSIONAtlantic island where the British established a garrison to guard Napoleon during his exile
POINTOFNORETURNCrossing the Rubicon is reason for exile? (5,2,2,6)
LENINThe revolution in March 1917 found this Bolshevik leader in exile in Switzerland
EASTINDIESStarting exile in Saint-Denis, desperately missing one northern part of Asia (4,6)
SNOWDENMan who went into self-imposed exile in 2013
GUERNSEYSDairy cows from Victor Hugo's exile island
ARAFATIn 1957 the Al Fatah group was set up by Palestinian exile, Yasser ...
ASSEMBLESet up, looking back, disorder in Napoleon's place of exile (8)
DANIELBiblical exile in Babylon, memorably not eaten when Darius had him flung into the lion's den
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