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Crossword Answers: Shiva's-wife
KALIShiva's wife
SATIShiva's wife
DEVIShiva's consort
HINDUShiva's faith
THAT"... ___ was my wife!"
EATNO"... his wife could ___ lean..."
LEAN"... his wife could eat no ___"
NORA"A Doll's House" wife
AFAIR"A fellow almost damned in -- wife": "Othello"
BATHSHEBA"And David comforted ___ his wife..." (2Sam. 12:24)
ASS"And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them..."
ELISABETH"And after those days his wife ___ conceived" (Lk. 1:24)
MEN"And the ___ of the place asked him of his wife" (Gen. 26:7)
EGLAH"And the sixth, Ithream, by ___ David's wife" (2 Samuel 3:
LEORA"Arrowsmith" wife
ESME"Babe" wife
BACK"But his wife looked ___ from behind him" (Ge 19:26)
LOLA"Cavalleria Rusticana" wife
DORA"David Copperfield" wife
EDITH"Dombey and Son" wife
ABBY"Eight Is Enough" wife
ANNA"Finnegans Wake" wife
KAREN"From Here to Eternity" wife
KANES"High Noon" hero and his wife
AMY"High Noon" wife ___ Kane
LISI"How to Murder Your Wife" actress Virna

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