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Crossword Answers: Shiva's-wife
SATIShiva's wife
KALIShiva's wife
HINDUShiva's faith
DEVIShiva's consort
VIEWContest wife's opinion (4)
SQUAWWife's ceaseless bellyache (5)
GREATNEPHEWWife's sister's grandson (5-6)
FRAUThe wife's endless deceit
HERSThe wife's
WHINGEWife's turn to complain peevishly
TINGESharp pain wife's given out in shade (5)
WATLINGSTREETSharp pain wife's given out in shade (5)
KOWTOWEDUpheld agreement to marry, after wife's demonstrated subservience (8)
ASTHECROWFLIESQuickest way out of Lot's wife's reach (2,3,4,5)
WHATHear wife's homily to sot that couldn't order, as "last orders" was hours ago (4,4,2,4,2,3,4,4,4)
TRIBUNERoman officer's tune about the first wife's origin (7)
BERIBERIPorter, maybe, one carrying wife's disease (8)
BOLEROWife's left hat with old jacket (6)
GRANNYOld wife's tale told of Big Apple (6,5)
ABDOMENWife's taking leave of girls after bad upset stomach (7)

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