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Crossword Answers: Shiva's-wife
KALIShiva's wife
SATIShiva's wife
HINDUShiva's faith
DEVIShiva's consort
FRAUThe wife's endless deceit
HERSThe wife's
WHINGEWife's turn to complain peevishly
PAWPAWHand father wife's fruit (6)
HUBBYWife's mate
SENORASpanish wife's title
INSOLVENTCriminal won't snivel when leaving wife's bust
NOTTO"Wait a minute. I'll decide with whom my wife's going to have dinner and whom she's going to kill!"
OWNEROnly right to seize wife's property (5)
AWFULA wife's offence -- lacking love. Terrible! (5)
GOTAWAYEscaped with 40% of goods, thanks to wife's agreement (3,4)
MAHALMausoleum Shah Jahan built to his wife's memory, the Taj ...
INLAWSPopular legislation for whistleblowing, for example? That would be for the wife's side of the family
CONFETTIAlien in recipe for confit? It goes over new wife's head (8)
DIMWITNit wife's found in white cotton not unknown (6)
SHORTCHANGINGIs this describing wife's time in fitting room? Not at all ? that would be cheating! (5-8)
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