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Crossword Answers: Shetland-sonny
LADDIEShetland sonny
PONYShetland, e.g.
BREEDShetland, e.g.
ISLEFair ___ (Shetland sweater)
FAROESIslands near Shetland
NEIGHNAEIssue a Shetland denial?
LOCHShetland Islands sight
FAEROEShetland neighbor
NAEShetland turndown
SULLOMVOEInlet in the north of Mainland, Shetland Islands housing a petroleum terminal (6,3)
LERWICKFishing town on Mainland in the Shetland Isles, Scotland (7)
YELLSecond largest of the Shetland Islands after Mainland (4)
ISYOU"All I Ever Need ___" (Sonny & Cher hit)
GOT"I ___ You Babe" (Sonny and Cher hit)
SEEHERE"Listen to me, sonny..."
ATUS"Look ___" (early Sonny and Cher LP)
IGOT"___ You Babe": Sonny & Cher
LAUGHATME1965 Sonny Bono hit
THEBEATGOESON1967 Sonny & Cher hit
REPAbbr. that applied politically to Sonny Bono in two ways
TUFTSActor Sonny
DUETAny Sonny and Cher song
LISTONBoxer Sonny
CLEOCaesar and ___ (Sonny and Cher's early stage name)
HITChart-topping song, like Al Jolson's "Sonny Boy" in 1928
BONOCher's ex Sonny
CORLEONEConnie, Sonny, or Michael
CHASTITYBONODaughter of Sonny and Cher
CASSIUSCLAYDefeater of Sonny Liston
CAANSCRIPTDocument with Sonny Corleone's lines highlighted?
CAANHe was Sonny Corleone in "The Godfather"
GOODTHYMESHerbs outshine Sonny and Cher in 1967 film?
SUNRAJazz great born Herman Sonny Blount
SKIINGACCIDENTKiller of Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono
REPUBLike Sonny Bono: abbr.

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