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Crossword Answers: Shetland-sonny
LADDIEShetland sonny
SMALike a Shetland pony
AWEEBITSlightly, in Shetland
FAIRISLEShetland sweater style
NORTHSEAShetland Islands home
MAINLANDLargest island of Shetland (8)
WOOLShetland ___
BREEDShetland, e.g.
NAEShetland turndown
FAEROEShetland neighbor
LOCHShetland Islands sight
NEIGHNAEIssue a Shetland denial?
ANGLOPHILIASort of nag, Shetland pony might you say, with a love of the country (11)
UPHELLYAAMidwinter festival held in Shetland celebrating the islands' Norse heritage (2-5-2)
BANSHEESpirit served by bar on Shetland, say, that's closing early (7)
ROOSTThe ?, powerful current caused by conflicting tides around the Shetland and Orkney Islands (5)
COLLIEThere are Rough, Smooth, Border and Shetland types of this breed of dog - Lassie was a Rough
ZETLANDOfficial name, until 1974, of Shetland (7)
SHELTIEAnother name for a Shetland pony or sheepdog (7)
UNSTMost northerly of the Shetland Islands in Scotland (4)
YELLSecond largest of the Shetland Islands after Mainland (4)
LERWICKFishing town on Mainland in the Shetland Isles, Scotland (7)
SULLOMVOEInlet in the north of Mainland, Shetland Islands housing a petroleum terminal (6,3)
STABLEShetlands' shelter

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