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Crossword Answers: Shetland-neighbor
FAEROEShetland neighbor
PONYShetland, e.g.
BREEDShetland, e.g.
ISLEFair ___ (Shetland sweater)
FAROESIslands near Shetland
NEIGHNAEIssue a Shetland denial?
LOCHShetland Islands sight
LADDIEShetland shaver
NAEShetland turndown
SULLOMVOEInlet in the north of Mainland, Shetland Islands housing a petroleum terminal (6,3)
LERWICKFishing town on Mainland in the Shetland Isles, Scotland (7)
ASIN"... ___ neighbor and weigh"
GLADYS"Bewitched" nosy neighbor
TAB"Caps Lock" neighbor
ALT"Ctrl" neighbor
ISNEAR"For better is a neighbor that ___...": Proverbs
HIYA"Hey, neighbor!"
ETHEL"I Love Lucy" neighbor
WHATSHISFACE"It's the part of the neighbor you never completely see on Home Improvement"
MANILOW"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" jingle co-writer
THY"Love ___ neighbor"
ADAGE"Love thy neighbor" is one
MISSTORSO"Rear Window" neighbor who was a dancer
KRAMER"Seinfeld" neighbor
HEED"Take ye ___ every one of his neighbor" (Jer. 9:4)
NED"The Simpsons" neighbor
WONT"___ you be my neighbor?": Mister Rogers
ENTERKEY' neighbor
OKLA69 Acr. neighbor
IDAHO8D neighbor
MEXA U.S.A. neighbor
BFLATA neighbor
ITALYA neighbor of Austria
PERUA neighbor of Chile
TOGOA neighbor of Ghana

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