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Crossword Answers: She-followed-Channing-and-Rogers-in-the-title-role-in-
RAYEShe followed Channing and Rogers in the title role in 'Hello, Dolly!'
BABEWith "The," baseball movie with John Goodman in the title role
CANDIDATEThe ___, 1972 comedy-drama film starring Robert Redford in the title role as Bill McKay (9)
ALICE1990 Woody Allen film comedy starring Mia Farrow in the title role (5)
BLOODYMAMA1970 crime drama film starring Shelley Winters in the title role (6,4)
ANNIEAileen Quinn played the title role in the 1982 movie
ZIZIJEANMAIREFrench dancer who played the title role in the ballet "Carmen"
TREACHERHe had the title role in "Thank You, Jeeves"
PRYORHe had the title role in "The Wiz"
SALMINEOHe played the title role in 'The Gene Krupa Story'
ERINActress Gray of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"
GILGerard of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"
AMOSAlvin Childress title role in 1950's TV
CLEOClaudette Colbert title role, in brief
VIOLIN"Red" instrument in the title of a 1998 film
FREDGWYNNEActor in a '60s sitcom with "54" in the title
SPYSDonald Sutherland/Elliott Gould movie with asterisks in the title
PAPAFirst word in the title of a 1986 Madonna #1
STARREDHad the title role
DALECowgirl Evans who starred with her husband Roy Rogers in several westerns
FREDASTAIREDance partner of Ginger Rogers in many films: 2 wds.
KITTYFOYLEGinger Rogers, in 1940

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