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Crossword Answers: Sharp-witted columnist Molly
IVINSSharp-witted columnist Molly
KEENJERKREACTIONSharp-witted response from a creep?
FEEBLEMINDEDSlow-witted (6-6)
KEENIRComparatively quick- witted
SLOWTardy - dull-witted (4)
SHARPASARAZORVery quick-witted (5,2,1,5)
SCATTYBird-witted (6)
HANThe "you" in the quote "Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder"
BOZOMan who sketched nothing, a dim-witted chap (4)
SLOWCOACHHow a dull-witted teacher describes a snail! (9)
LOCUMDeputy who upset some columnists
REGULARFEATURESColumnists' classical beauty? (7,8)
MDSColumnists, in a way, in this puzzle's four longest answers

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