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Crossword Answers: Sharp-witted columnist Molly
IVINSSharp-witted columnist Molly
KEENJERKREACTIONSharp-witted response from a creep?
DULLSSlow-witted persons (5)
SIMPLEMINDEDDim-witted and wanting things easy? (6-6)
TEDIOUSHalf-witted promissory notes are tiresome (7)
THICKETDim-witted alien found in dense shrub (7)
ODIEDull-witted cartoon dog
ATWO"... sharp as ___ edged sword"
ZOOLANDERBen Stiller comedy about a dim-witted male model - an orange mocha frappucino would never be the sam
LIMITEDFifty-one? A thousand and one half-witted are bound
WITHumor columnist's gift
OPEDSColumnists' pieces
SABOTEURSSouthern sailor sure to beat up fifth columnists (9)
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