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Crossword Answers: Sharp-witted columnist Molly
IVINSSharp-witted columnist Molly
THEDABARBCaustic-witted star of silent movies?
KEENERComparatively quick-witted
DODODull-witted one
OAFSDull-witted ones
WISEFar from dim-witted
BOMBECK"At Wit's End" columnist
ERMABOMBECK"At Wit's End" columnist
VOS"Ask Marilyn" columnist Marilyn ___ Savant
ERMA"At Wit's End" columnist Bombeck
IRV"Chicago Sun-Times" columnist Kupcinet
ABBY"Dear" columnist
JERRYRIGGS"Handyman's Corner" Columnist
LARDNER"In the Wake of the News" columnist
ALSOP"Matter of Fact" columnist
DERB"National Review" columnist John, for short
ATWO"... sharp as --- - edged sword": Proverbs
KEESHA"Girlfriends" actress Sharp
TWOEDGEDSWORD"Her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a ___" (Prov. 5:4)
ISNTSHEACUTE"Jane's quite sharp, don't you think?"
DEEDEE"Mashed Potato Time" singer Sharp
ZZTOP"Sharp Dressed Man" band
BECKY"Vanity Fair" schemer Sharp

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