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Crossword Answers: Seven,-in-Siena
SETTESeven, in Siena
CIAO"See ya," in Siena
TARDOLate, in Siena
SEGASaw, in Siena
SETTIMOSeventh, in Siena
ESSAShe, in Siena
ARGENTISilverware, in Siena
SEISix in Siena
ORASixty minutes, in Siena
TARDISlowly, in Siena
PISTOLASmall shooter, in Siena
COSISo, in Siena
MOLLESoft, in Siena
SEALOne of seven in the Book of Revelation
SIETESeven in Seville
DAYSSeven in the week
SEPTUMSeven, in Latin
SEPTSeven, in Sevres
SEPTISeven, in combinations
HEPTASeven, in compounds
DIASThere are seven in a semana
TUSCANFrom Pisa or Siena
ITALIANFrom Siena, say
ESTONIAIt's a long way from here to Siena
CATHERINEItalian saint of Siena
FIRENZESiena rival

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