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Crossword Answers: Russell or Vonnegut
KURTRussell or Vonnegut
THERESARussell or Saldana
LEONRussell or Redbone
KENRussell or Wahl
TERRIERJack Russell or wirehair
CELTBill Russell or Larry Bird, briefly
CATSCRADLEKurt Vonnegut novel
ESQUESuffix for Vonnegut
PALM"___ Sunday" (Kurt Vonnegut book)
ITGOES"And so ___" (Kurt Vonnegut)
POWSJohn McCain and Kurt Vonnegut, once, for short
INDBirthplace of Rex Stout and Kurt Vonnegut: Abbr.
ICENINEHigh-melting-point substance in a Vonnegut novel
LAUGHTERHOUSEFIVEVonnegut book about a fun-loving frat clique?
SLAUGHTERHOUSEVRoman translation of a Kurt Vonnegut novel?
OFCHAMPIONSKurt Vonnegut Jr. novel, to go?
ILIUMFictional town where many Vonnegut novels are set
DEADEYEDICK1982 novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
BLESS"God ___ You, Mr. Rosewater" (Kurt Vonnegut book)
MOTHERNIGHTNick Nolte movie based on a Kurt Vonnegut novel
GETHIMTO2010 film comedy starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand (3,3,2,3,5)
SALEMBeaver State capital
SCRUBSOperating room attire
MTHOODBeaver State high point
OREThe Beaver State: Abbr.
EAGERBeaver State
OREGON"Beaver" state
PORTLANDORSurgical site in the Beaver State?
OTHERArticle in operating room? This is different

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