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Crossword Answers: Russell or Vonnegut
KURTRussell or Vonnegut
KENRussell or Wahl
TERRIERJack Russell or wirehair
LEONRussell or Redbone
CELTBill Russell or Larry Bird, briefly
THERESARussell or Saldana
CATSCRADLEKurt Vonnegut novel
ITGOES"And so ___" (Kurt Vonnegut)
BLESS"God ___ You, Mr. Rosewater" (Kurt Vonnegut book)
PALM"___ Sunday" (Kurt Vonnegut book)
DEADEYEDICK1982 novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
KURTSAuthor Vonnegut and others
ILIUMFictional town where many Vonnegut novels are set
OFCHAMPIONSKurt Vonnegut Jr. novel, to go?
MOTHERNIGHTNick Nolte movie based on a Kurt Vonnegut novel
ETERNE"...a beauty fadeless and ___": James Russell Lowell
MAME"Auntie ___":R. Russell movie
WIDOW"Black ___" (1986 Russell/Winger film)
MYERS"Broom Hilda" cartoonist Russell
HILDA"Broom ___" (Russell Myers comic strip)
KERI"Felicity" star Russell
BAKER"Growing Up" author Russell
FITS"Nature ___ all her children with something to do." (James Russell Lowell)
AWAC"Never Wave at ___" (1952 Rosalind Russell film)
PANIC"No Cause for ___" (Russell Baker anthology)
HOBAN"Riddley Walker" author Russell ___
DEF"Russell Simmons' ___ Strawberry Jam" ("In Living Color" ad spoof)

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