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Crossword Answers: Rudimentary-seeds
OVULESRudimentary seeds
OVULERudimentary seed
ELEMENTSRudimentary principles
BASICSRudimentary principles
DUGOUTRudimentary canoe (6)
AIRSTRIPRudimentary runway
SEMINALRudimentary, influential (7)
FIRSTCLASSExcellent example of rudimentary instruction
EMBRYORudimentary stage
BUDSRudimentary shoots
BUDRudimentary shoot
HUTSRudimentary houses
TENTEDHaving rudimentary shelter
DEWARRudimentary thermos inventor
CAULICLERudimentary stem of a seedling
EMBRYOSRudimentary stages
LEANTORudimentary shelter: Hyph.
RADICESRudimentary roots
PRIMERRudimentary read
SOCKRudimentary puppet
ABCSRudimentary learning
KLASAfrican trees with nutlike seeds
PIPSApple seeds
COREApple seeds' location
SESAMESBagel seeds
CARAWAYSBakery seeds
LICEBeggar's-___ (sticky seeds)
BURPEEBig name in seeds
RYEBread with caraway seeds
SOWERBroadcaster of seeds
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