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Crossword Answers: Rudimentary-seeds
OVULESRudimentary seeds
OVULERudimentary seed
AIRSTRIPRudimentary runway
SEMINALRudimentary, influential (7)
FIRSTCLASSExcellent example of rudimentary instruction
EMBRYORudimentary stage
BUDSRudimentary shoots
BUDRudimentary shoot
HUTSRudimentary houses
ELEMENTSRudimentary principles
TENTEDHaving rudimentary shelter
DEWARRudimentary thermos inventor
CAULICLERudimentary stem of a seedling
EMBRYOSRudimentary stages
LEANTORudimentary shelter: Hyph.
RADICESRudimentary roots
PRIMERRudimentary read
SOCKRudimentary puppet
ABCSRudimentary learning
ORANGERYShade's extremely rudimentary for the glasshouse (8)
LOINCLOTHColin terribly reluctant to get rudimentary garment (9)
DEWCLAWSRudimentary small hooves not reaching the ground
KOONTZ"Demon Seed" novelist Dean
PEARLB"Dragon Seed" author
ORAL"Miracle of Seed-Faith" author Roberts
GRAIN"... heaven is like to a ___ of mustard seed" (Matt 13:31
THEROSE"I say love, it is a flower, and you its only seed" song
STARSOFHEAVEN"I will multiply your seed as the ___" (Ex. 32:13)

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