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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
RADIITailless rodent with 502 bones (5)
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
DRESSED502 shillings invested in plant covered the wound (7)
ARCHAlthough used in ancient Mesopotamian brick architecture, the Romans were the first to use this shap
CONCRETEThe Romans' invented this long-lasting building product
DEADENDAnaesthetise 500 Romans in a hopeless situation (4,3)
GREATREVOLTA major rebellion by the Jews against the Romans, 66-73 CE (5,6)
VEERSChanges direction for five Romans with no head on beers (5)
GOADProvoke 450 more Romans into goal (4)
DODGEMDodge a thousand Romans in carnival car (6)
CHASTEOne hundred Romans rush to be pure (6)
MENDA large number of Romans aim to get better (4)
CLOWNS150 Romans own last routines for circus funnymen (6)
CLAREOne hundred and fifty Romans are found in Irish county (5)
SPARTACUSLeader of the 73BCE rebellion of slaves against the Romans
THEORIESScientific ideas about four Romans deserting the ivories? (8)
TREADMILLWalk over a thousand Romans, sick of the dreary routine (9)
NINEOld Bob leaves six - three more, according to the Romans
AFARA thousand Romans leave a farm to go a long way off (4)

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