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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
ADANE"... more an antique Roman than ___": Shak.
CATO"Elder" or "Younger" Roman
ASOP"Give ___ to Cerberus" (Greek and Roman saying)
STMARY"Our Lady" of the Roman Cath. Church
GOETHE"Roman Elegies" author
DIO"Roman History" author Cassius
ANN"Roman Holiday" princess
WACE"Roman de Brut" poet Robert
LIVY"The Annals of the Roman People" historian
MASON"The Fall of the Roman Empire" star James
ELLERYQUEEN"The Roman Hat Mystery" author
NOBLEST"This was the ___ Roman...": Shak.
NERO"Unholy" Roman emperor
RITAMORENO"West Side Story" performer hiding a Roman god
HORACES"___ Satires & Epistles" (classical Roman work)
MXIV1,014, in Roman numerals
MCI1,101 in Roman numerals
MCV1,105, in Roman numerals
MCLI1,151, in Roman numerals
MCC1,200, in Roman numerals
MDCI1,601 in Roman numerals
MMLI100000000011, converted from binary to Roman numerals
MII1004 Roman years ago date
MIV1004, to a Roman
CIII103: Roman
CVI106, in Roman numerals
OTTOI10th century Roman emperor

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