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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
DRESSED502 shillings invested in plant covered the wound (7)
PIVOTSSpins pots around four Romans (6)
LARESHousehold gods of the ancient Romans
TROYAncient city in Asia Minor, known as Ilium by the Romans (4)
CLOISTEREDA hundred Romans somehow deter Lois from being shut away in a nunnery (10)
CHESSOne hundred Romans take on Hess at game of strategy
FIXEDCompleted repairs and fed around nine Romans (5)
RELIEVEEase the pain for a hundred Romans leaving relic for Eve
ENVIEDWas jealous of six Romans at the centre of Eden's destruction (6)
ANCHOVYTiny fish often preserved in salt or oil - the Romans used them as the basis of their ubiquitous sau
RIDDLERRider goes around 550 Romans with Batman's foe (7)
VIOLATEBreak rules, when six Romans ring after due time (7)
LIVERFifty-four Romans take the Queen offal (5)
MYRTLETry elm stew - the Romans saw it as a reward in itself! (6)
VIRTUOSOFive Romans take on riotous, crazy musical maestro (8)
INNERFive hundred Romans leave dinner inside (5)
UNHEARDNot listened to but United Nations hear five hundred Romans (7)
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