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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
RADIITailless rodent with 502 bones (5)
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
DRESSED502 shillings invested in plant covered the wound (7)
JUDAEAJerusalem's province, to the Romans
THEORIESScientific ideas about four Romans deserting the ivories? (8)
TREADMILLWalk over a thousand Romans, sick of the dreary routine (9)
NINEOld Bob leaves six - three more, according to the Romans
AFARA thousand Romans leave a farm to go a long way off (4)
WELCOMEWe get 50 Romans to come and give a cordial greeting (7)
ACCOSTWaylay a couple of hundred Romans removing head of host (6)
VISITORSGuests require six Romans sit or stand to start with (8)
VIENNASix Romans return Anne to Austrian city (6)
CAMBRICBar I'm rearranging is surrounded by two hundred Romans with cotton cloth (7)
MILLOne thousand Romans ill in factory (4)
DDAYCampaign launch for 500 Romans during sunlight hours (1-3)
FLOODEDFifty Romans get into food before Ed is inundated (7)
LANDLORDHe rents accommodation to fifty Romans and nobleman (8)
CLARETOne hundred and fifty Romans tear out to get red wine (6)
CATERProvide food for a hundred Romans at Emergency Room (5)

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