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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
DRESSED502 shillings invested in plant covered the wound (7)
REDSEAWhat the Romans called "Mare Rubrum"
PAPYRUSTall aquatic Mediterranean plant from whose pithy stem a kind of paper was made by the ancient Egypt
RIDDLESRiles around 500 Romans twice with puzzling questions
MOURNEDGrieved over our Ned following 1,000 Romans (7)
DISUSEDAbandoned, Susie is torn between 500 Romans at either end (7)
FIGSWhat Romans fed geese for foie gras
UNDEMONSTRATIVEEmotionally restrained United Nations demonstrate taking in four Romans (15)
ALEXANDERThe great ancient leader had beer with ten Romans and Her Majesty (9)
CHIVESA hundred Romans get hives from herbs
CLADDINGA hundred and fifty Romans adding protective coating (8)
BAKERS100 Romans abandon backers of pastry cooks (6)
MEACULPAIt's all my fault, said the old Romans (3,5)
VISITINGSix Romans sit in Greek capital paying a call (8)
OBJETSDARTDart after objects 100 Romans left as curios (6,1'3)
BONBONTwice Bond leaves 500 Romans to get sweet (6)
SCOTLANDThe part of Great Britain not occupied (mostly) by the Romans
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