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Crossword Answers: Roman-502
DIIRoman 502
LIANGChinese dynasty, 502-557
DRESSED502 shillings invested in plant covered the wound (7)
ASIAThe Romans' name for Turkey
FORGIVEPardon four Romans involved in forge
NEROOne Roman's emperor (4)
INNERFive hundred Romans leave dinner inside (5)
CLASHEDA hundred Romans whipped characters who looked terrible together (7)
SLINGSSings about fifty Romans having simple weapons (6)
ETRUSCANA member of an ancient people of central Italy whose civilisation greatly influenced the Romans (8)
VOIDSee six Romans about nothing but five hundred in an empty space (4)
VICARSix Romans take car to church leader (5)
RELIGIONFifty-one Romans within region have system of beliefs (8)
IVYFour Romans said she could be poison (3)
EXCELWe hear forty of the Romans do better
REBECCADu Maurier heroine brewed a beer with two hundred Romans
TREBLEDTrembled when a thousand Romans left and tripled in size (7)
CLEARAbsolve 100 Romans who take on Shakespeare's mad king (5)
VIABLEIt's feasible for six Romans to get Elba back
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