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Crossword Answers: Rock-concert-pit
MOSHRock concert pit
TSHIRTRock concert souvenir
TEERock concert souvenir
THELIGHTSHOWFlashy part of an Aussie rock concert?
SOLOSRock concert highlights
STROBESFlashers at a rock concert
SOLORock concert highlight
TEESMerchandise at a rock concert
LIGHTSHOW*Lasers at a rock concert, e.g.
DRUMSOLORock concert highlight, for some
ROADIERock concert staffer
BANDSRock-concert groups
GUITARAx at a rock concert
DRUMSOLOSSome rock concert highlights
EARDRUMIt vibrates at a rock concert
MOSHINGPunk rock concert activity
POSTERSRock-concert souvenirs
EVENTRock concert, e.g.
STADIUMRock concert venue
ARENARock concert setting
EARRock concert ringer
LASERSRock concert equipment, maybe
CROWDCONTROLRock concert concern
GIGRock concert for US soldier before August 3rd (3)
GIGSRock concerts
EVENTSRock concerts, e.g.
LICENSESPermits to perform rock concerts
KNEBWORTHTudor mansion in Hertfordshire, home of the Lytton family, that has hosted major rock concerts since
OSLOWhere rock concerts are held at Valle Hovin Stadium
STRATOSPHERICOrchestra pit"s moved very high (13)
FLEAPit bull biter
EXAMINEProbe area in old pit (7)
RESTROOMShow "pit stop"
CANTBUYMEMINE"My coal pit ain't for sale!"?
FOSSAAnatomical pit
CAPITOLWorking coal pit, state-owned establishment (7)
OAKMoney pit on Nova Scotia's ___Island
PEDANTICDance pit built by finicky sort (8)
SOLARPLEXUSPit of the stomach (5,6)
ANET"Live Without ___" (Van Halen concert video)
ENCORE"More!" at a concert
SHANKAR"The Concert for Bangladesh" performer, 1972
HEARTRATE"These Dreams" band's concert fee?
CLAPTRAPSound of thunder concealed pit? Absurd nonsense! (8)
DETERMINEDLYPut off pit daily, in short, with resolution (12)
DAYTRIPA dry pit could be adapted for an excursion (3,4)
YER"Get ___ Ya-Ya's Out!" (Rolling Stones concert album)
ALLEY"Stars in the ___" (annual free outdoor concert in N.Y.C.)
BADCONDUCTOROne of those not taking up the baton properly causes problems for pit workers (3,9)
MINESWEEPERSNot men employed to keep the pit clean! (4,8)
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