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Crossword Answers: River-through-Pomerania
ODERRiver through Pomerania
PLATTERiver through Nebraska
SIDETRACKDivert river through CID stake-out (9)
HURONRiver through Ann Arbor
SAO___ Francisco (river through Brazil)
CONGORiver through Kinshasa
SCHUYLKILLRiver through Philadelphia
REDRiver through Fargo or Hanoi
JAMESRiver through Richmond
CEDARRiver through Waterloo
DEEPee ___ (river through the Carolinas)
SAONERiver through Lyon
POTOMACRiver through Washington
WABASHRiver through Indiana
PECOSRiver through New Mexico
SNAKERiver through Idaho
FRASERRiver through British Columbia
HAIRiver through Beijing
MISSOURIRiver through Bismarck
DANUBERiver through four world capitals
OTTAWARiver through Ottawa
OUSERiver through Selby
MACARONITubes carrying a river through French city to Italy (8)
HYPOTHESISSuggestion sibling should follow river through town in Kent (10)
RANIShe has royal status in Pomerania (4)
YARRARiver through Melbourne in 11 Down
LEVEERiver's border, sometimes
RAINTREERiver's course doing for South American plant
RAPIDSFast-flowing turbulent parts of rivers (6)
HANKDog River's candidate for village idiot

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