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Crossword Answers: Rifle-through
RANSACKRifle through
SEARCHRifle through
SEEKRifle through
LASVEGASSalvages rifle for chancers (3,5)
KICKRifle recoil
LOADSReadies, as a rifle
CRACKSHOTDeadeye with a rifle
HUNTERSportsman with a rifle
ELAPSEGo by with rifle? Please! (6)
KICKSRecoils (of rifle)
GUNFIRERifle shots
BULLETSRifle ammunition (7)
BARRELSRifle parts found in tubs (7)
OUTSHOOTDefeat at a rifle range
TASERTom Swift's Electric Rifle, commonly
COLTMaker of the Commando rifle
RICHLoaded rifle, in case harassment starts (4)
FIRSTELEVENThe A-team is involved in rifle events
ROBOTICAutomatic rifle - 19 edges away (7)
BREACHPut a hole in part of the rifle, we hear (6)
RECOLLECTRemember to pick up after unloading rifle (9)
LEEENFIELDEarly model military service rifle used in British Empire and Commonwealth since 1895 and the oldest
RIOBRAVOFilm in which Dean Martin sings "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me"
BIATHLONSporting event of rifle shooting and cross-country skiing (8)
KALASHNIKOVMikhail ___, Russian designer of the AK-47 assault rifle (11)
WINCHESTERWild West repeating rifle - James Stewart starred in the film about the classic 73 model
RUNALIGHTAFIREASHOTNot stop at intersection / Warm up / Use rifle
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