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Crossword Answers: Rifle-through
RANSACKRifle through
SEEKRifle through
SEARCHRifle through
RUMMAGERifle through rum that takes prime mahogany to age (7)
REPROBATETraveller with rifle worried villain (9)
ONTHEQTTraveller with rifle worried villain (9)
BULLETPROOFImpervious to rifle-fire
SMALLARMPistol or rifle (5-3)
FLEEEscape from a rifle encounter (4)
RANGEShooting venue, rifle ...
PILFERGently remove rifle and take dishonestly
SLOPEARMSPut rifle on shoulder (5,4)
TOOLDevice for mounting rifle (4)
SMALLARMSRifle, pistol etc (5,4)
SCOTLANDColts and rifle for English neighbour (8)
BAYONETEDNat obeyed new orders. Used rifle attachment (9)
NUGGETRifle about to acquire bit of gold?
LIFERHe"s doing time ___ for breaking rifle? (5)
FUSILIERSUS rifle is adapted for infantrymen (9)
GIRLFRIENDNew rifle with new trigger put in to furnish partner (10)
FUSILIERUniversal rifle is adjusted for infantryman (8)
CHASSEPOTDave's mate gets thirty days, having concealed old rifle (9)
CITEName feature of rifle in report (4)
FLIERHe uses the air rifle incorrectly (5)
TREFOILSmall plant with yellow flowers and three leaves - to rifle (anag) (7)
PEREGRINEFALCONExercise on rifle range managed to mislead bird of prey (9,6)
PILFERERHe steals small items from rifle rep (8)
FLESHSort of wound from a rifle shot

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