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Puzzle Answer Pattern
Crossword Answers: Rifle-through
SEARCHRifle through
SEEKRifle through
RANSACKRifle through
BBGUNAir rifle
AIRGUNAir rifle
BBSAir rifle ammo
PELLETSAir rifle ammo
BBSHOTAir rifle ammo
LEADSHOTAir rifle pellets
LEE"Navy ___" (rifle used during the Spanish-American War)
BETSY"Old ___" (Davy Crockett's rifle)
KRAG1800's U.S. Army rifle
RELOADAdd more bullets to a rifle
PELLETAir rifle projectile
UZIAssault rifle
BEEBEEBit of air rifle ammo: Var.
STENBritish rifle
REPEATERCertain rifle
BIPODCertain rifle stand
ELMERFUDDCharacter often seen with a rifle
ENFIELDCivil War rifle
MAUSERClassic German-made rifle
REBORESEnlarges, as a rifle barrel

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