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Crossword Answers: Relatives-of-Yodels
HOHOSRelatives of Yodels
MARTENSBushy-tailed relatives of weasels
APESClose relatives of humans
MOASExtinct relatives of ostriches
BANDORASOld relatives of the guitar
DANGSRelatives of "Gee whiz" and "Shucks!"
EGADSRelatives of "Zounds!"
NOTSRelatives of AND's and OR's in Boolean logic
MRISRelatives of CAT scans
OBOESRelatives of English horns
SRASRelatives of Mmes.
ARABSRelatives of Moors
TIASRelatives of Rafael
ALEUTSRelatives of Siberians
MAORISRelatives of Tahitians
SCHUMANNNEPHEWSRelatives of a composer?
SUNGLike yodels
ALPSWhere yodels are heard
ECHOYodel's answer
THELESSERAUNTTILLYSA second, but smaller, restaurant owned by one of my relatives?
THELESSERUANTTILLYSA second, but smaller, restaurant owned by one of my relatives?
OLES"Bravo!" relatives
DRATS"Doggone!" relatives
UMS"Er" relatives
NAHS"Uh-uh" relatives
SOUNDS*Straits' relatives
IRAS401(k) relatives
LPS45 relatives
HYENASAardwolf relatives
MEERKATSAfrican mongoose relatives
PACASAgoutis' close relatives
INUITSAleut relatives
SHADSAlewives' relatives
CAIMANSAlligator's South American relatives

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