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Crossword Answers: Relatives-of-Yodels
HOHOSRelatives of Yodels
SCREWSRelatives of bolts
FRATSRelatives of sororities, for short
LILACSRelatives of ashes
TSKSRelatives of tuts
PRALINESRelatives of turtles
DARKSTARSRelatives of black holes
IMSRelatives of texts, for short
OARSRelatives of paddles
NERDSRelatives of Teddys?
IBISESRelatives of spoonbills
ERSRelatives of ums
AGOUTISRelatives of guinea pigs
ATVSRelatives of dune buggies, for short
IDSRelatives of egos
DIMENOVELSRelatives of penny dreadfuls
MESASRelatives of buttes
OLDWIVESTALESRelatives of urban legends
ALESRelatives of beers
ETCSRelatives of et al.
RATSRelatives of mice
CIVETCat relatives of perfume fame
ENDSRelatives of odds
CROCIEarly spring relatives of irises (var.)
OURSA relative of mine?
HERSA relative of mine?
TURK*Relative of an Azerbaijani
MOABygone relative of the kiwi
CRAWDADClose relative of the lobster
APEDistant relative of Scopes?
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