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Crossword Answers: Relatives-of-Yodels
HOHOSRelatives of Yodels
NOVASRelatives of red giants
BEAGLESRelatives of Snoopy
UKESRelatives of banjoleles
NIECESFemale relatives of a pawnbroker? (6)
FETASRelatives of Gouda
BAYSRelatives of gulfs
OTOSRelatives of Winnebagos
OKAPISRelatives of giraffes
MODESRelatives of medians
ARIOSOSRelatives of recitatives
CLAWSRelatives of nails
MICERelatives of rats
RHEASRelatives of emus
CELLIRelatives of violas
KINNext of ___ (relatives of the deceased)
SCREWSRelatives of bolts
FRATSRelatives of sororities, for short
LILACSRelatives of ashes
TSKSRelatives of tuts
PRALINESRelatives of turtles
DARKSTARSRelatives of black holes
SULTANASDried fruit - female relatives of a Muslim ruler (8)
STOATSStreet food by relatives of weasel-types (6)
OURSA relative of mine?
HERSA relative of mine?
TURK*Relative of an Azerbaijani
MOABygone relative of the kiwi
CRAWDADClose relative of the lobster
APEDistant relative of Scopes?

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