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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
HEARDOFReceived news about
EVITEParty summons received online
GORME"I have no idea!"
BEATSME"I have no idea!"
SEARCHME"I have no idea!"
GOTME"I have no idea!"
AHA"Great idea!"
ILIKEIT"Great idea!"
NAH"Bad idea"
ASTROKEOFGENIUS"Brilliant idea!"
HASA"Ford ___ better idea" (old slogan)
JAMAICAPOINT"Get your idea across?" in Kingston?
HADNO"I ___ idea!"
WHOKNEW"I had no idea!"
PEDANTSInferior education's received by those insisting on strict adherence to rules (7)
TAKENILLUnfavourably received ___ in need of a doctor (5,3)
AUDIEMr. Murphy, American actor who received 24 decorations for his World War II exploits (5)
GUATEMALARigoberta Menchu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 for her work among the indigenous people of
SPIRITEDREPLYLively answer received through a medium (8,5)
CUSTOMThe usual thing received from a client (6)
LALAWNine of its cast members received Emmy nominations for 1988-89
ROTATETurn over books received by judge (6)
ENNOBLEGreek leaving French city having received new honour (7)
RAPGOD2013 Eminem hit whose music video received a VMA for Best Editing
REVAMPUpdate about America received by Vice President (6)
MANDELAI left cook on isle for one who received and brought 20d (7)
HUDSONHonour received by old German explorer (6)
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