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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
ANNUITYPayment received once a year (7)
SLICKGlib line"s poorly received (5)
SOPRANOThus article's received by professional singer
URSAMINORAmerican kid has received stars (4,5)
INGOTSHip received small metal bars (6)
REWARDBenefit received
PARTRIDGEFlier received initially at Christmas (9)
GORME"I have no idea!"
BEATSME"I have no idea!"
SEARCHME"I have no idea!"
GOTME"I have no idea!"
AHA"Great idea!"
ILIKEIT"Great idea!"
NAH"Bad idea"
ASTROKEOFGENIUS"Brilliant idea!"
HASA"Ford ___ better idea" (old slogan)
JAMAICAPOINT"Get your idea across?" in Kingston?
HADNO"I ___ idea!"
WHOKNEW"I had no idea!"
LEGLESSBlows knocking one out received by the French drunk
PINMONEYCash received for making safety fasteners? (3,5)
LUMPSUMLeeds United manager hints match officials received payment
REMBand that received the second-ever Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album
ADIGRANTHScripture I had translated, having received sponsorship? (3,6)
OTTContent received via Hulu or Netflix, initially
WALTDISNEYUS film entrepreneur who has received the most Oscars (26)
STARMAN1984 John Carpenter film for which Jeff Bridges received a Best Actor Oscar nomination (7)
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