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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
NAKEDWearing suit received for birthday (5)
WINNERFilm director having received Oscar (6)
POLONECKTop mark only received (4,4)
GORME"I have no idea!"
BEATSME"I have no idea!"
SEARCHME"I have no idea!"
GOTME"I have no idea!"
AHA"Great idea!"
ILIKEIT"Great idea!"
NAH"Bad idea"
ASTROKEOFGENIUS"Brilliant idea!"
HASA"Ford ___ better idea" (old slogan)
JAMAICAPOINT"Get your idea across?" in Kingston?
HADNO"I ___ idea!"
WHOKNEW"I had no idea!"
PAPERMONEYNotes received by journalists on pay day?
SCHOOLSInstitutions where a formal general education is received (7)
ORGANISERYellow aromatic plant received by former monarch's co-ordinator (9)
CONTRAINDICATEDLine of prisoners pegged out, having received punishment against medical advice (6-9)
POPULARTurns up in chilly surroundings yet well received (7)
COMELIERMore attractive invitation - that is received by both sides (8)
DANUBECurrent unemployment benefit received by European? (6)
PROSTYLESArchitectural features of poor housing received by the lower classes (9)
REMINISCELook back on skirt received by Ceres, perhaps (9)
BROWNEDOFFFed up, having received a grilling (7,3)
RAMADANMonth's notice received by Royal Academy Fellow (7)
ASSENTAgree on condition of goods to be received (6)

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