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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
CAMEINWas received
POSTBAGLetters received, making job secure
GORME"I have no idea!"
BEATSME"I have no idea!"
SEARCHME"I have no idea!"
GOTME"I have no idea!"
AHA"Great idea!"
ILIKEIT"Great idea!"
NAH"Bad idea"
ASTROKEOFGENIUS"Brilliant idea!"
HASA"Ford ___ better idea" (old slogan)
JAMAICAPOINT"Get your idea across?" in Kingston?
HADNO"I ___ idea!"
WHOKNEW"I had no idea!"
XRAYWilhelm Roentgen received a Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of ... radiation (1-3)
GRAPHOpening hospital having received right statistical information (5)
ORKFictional planet that received regular dispatches from Boulder
BENEFITEDReceived an advantage from fundraiser for writer (9)
IRANCountry whose leaders received a 2015 letter from Republican senators
SHILLINGRoyal sum received by Tommies, the King's ...
IRENELead Belly received a Grammy Award for his version of the American folk song, Goodnight ...
LEISGifts often received while bowing the head
TAKINGSCasual acknowledgement to Magi for gold received? (7)
USCLos Angeles school that received a $175 million donation from George Lucas in 2006: Abbr.
CLOONEYActor George who received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Golden Globes
AVAWalford resident whose partner received a kidney from their son Dexter (3,7)
REBATESMoney-back sums received after mailing in proofs of purchase
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