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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
INTRAYContainer for mail received (2-4)
STAMPEDMarked 'Received'
GODOWNLIKEA Be poorly received (2,4,4,1,4,7)
AMATIStringed instrument received in acclamation (5)
HADDOCKReceived cut in fish available
HITASOURNOTEBe poorly received
ACMETop marks received by expert
NOTETOSELMAMemo received by actress Blair?
KINGMIDASHe received the golden touch from Dionysus (4,5)
GONERSMore than one stiff blow received in grammar school (6)
DONNAShe received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar playing against type in her role as a prostitute in Fro
AIGInsurance co. that received a $182 billion bailout
MALTAThis Mediterranean island, later to be awarded the George Cross, received its 1000th air raid on Nov
RIGORISTPrince is received by right strict Catholic (8)
GODCHILDWearing top medal, Detective Constable greeting one who's received sponsorship (8)
EWERThere"s a large jug among those we received (4)
EXPECTEDIn power replacing Liberal? Vote received makes this likely (8)
LOURDESFrench pilgrimage town of the grotto where St Bernadette received her visions of the Virgin Mary
SWANFour-act ballet with music by Tchaikovsky that received its premiere in 1877 (4,4)
WINTERSBONEFilm for which Jennifer Lawrence received her first Oscar nomination
IMAXCorporation that received an Oscar for scientific and technical achievement in 1997
WADIArab channel now received in smart part of London (4)
WILCOWord in signalling indicating that a message received will be complied with (5)
NITROGENAfter container knocked over, message received ___ not entirely new element (8)
OLDSCHOOLPeople holding traditional ideas
ESSAYEDTried out unoriginal ideas Yes (7)
THINKINGCUPVessel that inspires ideas?
RANDRYHad no more ideas
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