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Crossword Answers: Received-idea
EXAMPLEReceived idea
STEREOTYPEReceived idea
GOTIT"Message received"
ROGER"Message received"
TENFOUR"Message received"
COSTBe received
SARA"... also ___ herself received strength" (Heb. 11:11)
TONYS'Hello, Dolly!' received 10
PEROT1992 presidential candidate who received nearly 19% of the popular vote
SELENA1997 movie for which Jennifer Lopez received a Golden Globe nomination
FRIDA2002 film for which Salma Hayek received an Oscar nomination
BASSAle that received Britain's first trademark
JKROWLINGAuthor who received an O.B.E. in 2001
TONYAward received by "Hairspray"
INFLOWCash ___ (money received from services)
NETINCOMECloth received as payment?
CLARKExplorer William, who received a promotion to captain -- almost 200 years late
LEIGift received upon arrival, maybe
LLOYDBENTSENHe received an electoral college vote in 1988--and he wasn't even running for president
JUNGHe received his M.D. in Zurich in 1902
SAMUELTILDENHe received more votes for president than anyone else in 1876--and lost
GROVERCLEVELANDHe received more votes for president than anyone else in 1888--and lost
SELESHer attacker received only probation in a German court
ONEALHoops star who just received a 3-year, $88.5-million contract extension
SWEDISHIn which Dag received 500 wishes
DEFERREDANNUITYIncome to be received later
MISSSAIGONIt received 11 Tony nominations in 1991
ORDERIt's received at a warehouse
DUNNO"No idea"
IDUNNO"No idea"
IGIVEUP"No idea"
BEATSME"No idea"
GORME"I have no idea!"
SEARCHME"I have no idea!"
GOTME"I have no idea!"
AHA"Great idea!"
ILIKEIT"Great idea!"
ORNOT"... I guess that's a bad idea!"
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