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Puzzle Answer Pattern
Crossword Answers: Ready-to-go-forward
INDRIVEReady to go forward
DONEDEALAgreement that's now sure to go forward
IMALLSET"Ready to go!"
ALLSET"Ready to go?"
PACKUPGet ready to go
DRESSGet ready to go out
PACKSGets ready to go
TAXIEDGot ready to go up
UNZIPPEDGot ready to go?
IONIt's charged and ready to go
FUELLEDLike a Bentley that's ready to go
SETReady to go
GOAHEADGo forward
GETONGo forward
PROCEEDGo forward
STEPGo forward
WALKGo forward
PROGRESSGo forward
ADVANCEGo forward
FORGEGo forward
RANK"And they shall go forward in the third ___" (Nu 2:24)
THO"An' forward, ___ I canna see"--Burns
LEDER"Deep Impact" and "Pay It Forward" director Mimi
JACOB"Forward Jah Jah Children" reggae man Miller
AVANTI"Forward!" in Italy
MINNEAPOLIS"Forward" city
WISCONSIN"Forward" state
HEREON"From ___ out" ("From this point forward")
SAHL"Look Forward in Anger" comedian
GEORGEBUSH"Looking Forward" author

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