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Crossword Answers: Ready-to-go-forward
INDRIVEReady to go forward
STALLStand and refuse to go forward
DONEDEALAgreement that's now sure to go forward
BUCKBOARDAmerican ready to go on the wagon (9)
TESTATEReady to go, in a way
LOADEDPacked with cargo and ready to go off
ANTSYMore than ready to go
GEAREDUPReady to go (2 wds.)
CASHBACKReady to go after shopping? (8)
TIREDLike someone ready to go to bed
SODReady-to-go lawn starter
UPANDATTHEMOut of bed and ready to go
GEAREDReady to go (with "up")
LAYACOURSEGet ready to go, in a way
TAGSUPGets ready to go home, maybe
ONSETWhen to get ready to go?
BOREDReady to go home
POISEDFORACTIONReady to go at it
WETReady to go through the wringer
FRESHASADAISYWide-awake and ready to go
NOONDAYHigh time to go forward in agreement, I agree (7)
AIRWORTHYHarry and I - two, that makes - ready to go up (9)
DAYRETURNGo off ready to go on round-trip ticket (3,6)
INTESTATENot ready to go, you might say
GETONGo forward
STEPGo forward
PROGRESSGo forward
FORGEGo forward
GOAHEADGo forward

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