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Crossword Answers: Rare-things,-in-a-simile
HENSTEETHRare things, in a simile
ASAWords in a simile
ARBITRATESettle things, in a way
COATHANGERSThings in a closet, often
ABSThings in a sixpack?
ITEMSThings in a shopping basket
TABSRunning things in a bar
BIOTALiving things in a certain region
HELIUMIt changes things in a manner of speaking in balloons (6)
DABBLESDoes things in a trifling way (7)
BUTTERFINGERSSomeone who handles things in a clumsy way (13)
ASREDStart of a simile about color
ASANMiddle of a simile
WIIMOTESHandy things in the game world?
KOSDecisive things in rings
TIDIESPuts things in order (6)
EGOSBig things in Hollywood
SAFIREAuthor of "Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella"
SPATULASaul ill at ease ringing Patrick for spreading things in the kitchen (7)
RACIALISTOddly satirical he sees things in black and white
PROCESSORSThey make a dog's dinner of things in the kitchen for those working in the computer industry (10)
INVENTORComes up with all sorts of things in shaft in the heart of West Yorkshire (8)
LARVAEThey wriggle out of most things in the French recreational vehicle with Russell (6)
RULERHas the measure of most things in the castle (5)
ASTHICKASABRICKSimile for denseness
SWEETASHONEYKindness simile
ABEETRed simile words
HENHOUSESite in a poor-protection simile
ASNEATPinlike, per the simile
EELSubject in a slippery simile
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