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Crossword Answers: Rare-things,-in-a-simile
HENSTEETHRare things, in a simile
ASAWords in a simile
BIOTALiving things in a certain region
TABSRunning things in a bar
ITEMSThings in a shopping basket
ABSThings in a sixpack?
COATHANGERSThings in a closet, often
ARBITRATESettle things, in a way
ASANMiddle of a simile
SAFIREAuthor of "Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella"
ASREDStart of a simile about color
MORRA"How Are Things in Glocca ___?"
ARE"How ___ Things in Glocca Morra?"
ARTClass that will teach you how to put things in perspective
ENCSExtra things in the env.
ARTESFine things in Bilbao
INAPANICHardly taking things in stride
ISSO"... ___ rare as a day in June?"
ADAY"...rare as ___ in June?": Lowell
ROUNDSTEAK"A ___, rare..."
THAT"And it is a rare thing ___ the king requireth" (Dan 2:11)
ERAS"-zoic" things
IPUT"... ___ away childish things": 1 Corinthians
PRAY"... three things I ___"
AREONE"...all things ___":Heraclitus
ILLGOT"...things ___ had ever bad success?": Shak.
YOU"10 Things I Hate About ___"
HATE"10 Things I ___ About You"

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