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Crossword Answers: Rare-things,-in-a-simile
HENSTEETHRare things, in a simile
ASAWords in a simile
DARTSFlighty things in a local game (5)
FRIVOLGALLANTLYWaste time on trifling things in a brave way?
DABBLESDoes things in a trifling way (7)
BUTTERFINGERSSomeone who handles things in a clumsy way (13)
ARBITRATESettle things, in a way
COATHANGERSThings in a closet, often
ABSThings in a sixpack?
ITEMSThings in a shopping basket
TABSRunning things in a bar
BIOTALiving things in a certain region
HELIUMIt changes things in a manner of speaking in balloons (6)
STONEThing in a ring
NAPKINThing in a ring
GEMThing in a ring
SPAREThing in a trunk
GASCANThing in a trunk
BEEThing in a hive
CATSTAILUnsafe thing in a room full of rocking chairs?
CELLPHONEThing in a holster
NOUNCommon thing in a sentence?
RINGUnsightly thing in a bathtub
WHOLENOTEIt may be the only thing in a bar
OARThing in a thole
GENEThing in a pool
PEAThing in a pod
RESThing in a case
NOUNSCouple of sisters perhaps ring job centre for more than one thing, in a manner of speaking (5)
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