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Crossword Answers: Rain-evidence
PUDDLERain evidence
DNA"CSI" evidence
SPATTER"CSI" evidence
SHRED"Measure" of evidence
IAMLEDTOBELIEVE"The evidence suggests..."
EIS"___ for Evidence"
OSHEAActor Michael of "Circumstantial Evidence"
ADDUCEAdvance evidence for
ADMITAllow, as evidence
EXCEPT"All weddings, ___ those with shotguns in evidence, are wonderful." (Liz Smith)
GLOVE"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" evidence
FAITH"The evidence of things not seen": Hebrews 11:1
TERRAINGround swamped by winter rains (7)
RAISINSFruit is when rain's about (7)
AHARDDylan "___ Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
MUDRain's creation
ENYA"Trains and Winter Rains" singer, 2008
INARREARSBack during terrible rains, paying late (2,7)
TOTOBand who felt the rains down in Africa
JORDANIANSInfinite bliss and rains unexpected for such country folk (10)
DRYSEASONAny dosser (anag) - no rains at this time (3,6)
HARRIDANHard rain's gonna fall for 23 (8)
TRANSITPassage of stormy rains during the bike race (7)
NARCISSUSCuss rains, bad for flowering plant (9)
COMEINTOPLAYChildren do it when it rains in order to be active
WETSEASONSet One was scuppered when the rains came (3,6)
SARINNerve gas - rains (anag) (5)

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