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Crossword Answers: Quakers-in-the-forest
ASPENSQuakers in the forest
DOESFemales in the forest
TREEFamily history in the forest (4)
AXEDFelled in the forest
STAGBuck in the forest
FIR___ coat (snow in the forest)
FOOTPATHWhat to follow in the forest
PATHWay in the forest
ASPENQuaker in the forest
TREESOnes in the forest
SAPIt flows in the forest
OLDERHaving more rings, in the forest
PAWFoot in the forest
WOODCHOPPERFeller in the forest
ELMSTops elder, lilac, maple, sycamore in the forest (4)
ASHLARIn the forest with the French resistance and one of the Stones (6)
LOGCABINRegister taxi at home for dropping off in the forest? (3,5)
ASYOULIKEITShakespeare comedy set in the Forest of Arden (2,3,4,2)
UNICORNHarry Potter found one of these mythical beasts dead in the forest
FIGLEAFEarliest garment, scant but easy to find in the forest (3,4)
LEAFAGEWhat a flea, e.g., finds in the forest
EXECUTIVEBRANCHOne day in the forest, a lowly twig decided it should head up the...
UNHEARDLike the proverbial tree that falls in the forest
OWLIt may be spotted in the forest
LEOPARDSFelines of the forest (8)
STREETThe way to chop trees at the end of the forest (6)
TREETOPSTo Peter from society over the forest (8)
TREELINEHolly in the French horizon overlooking the forest perhaps (4,4)
EEYORECharacter found "in a thistly corner of the forest"

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