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Crossword Answers: Purim-villain
HAMANPurim villain
JEWSPurim observers
FAST___ of Esther (Purim preceder)
JEWPurim observer
ADARPurim month
ESTHO.T. book read at Purim
ESTHERBiblical queen celebrated at Purim
EGGHEAD"Batman" villain
THEJOKER"Batman" villain
LORRE"Casablanca" villain
STRASSER"Casablanca" villain
HAL"2001" villain
JAFAR"Aladdin" villain
FEMBOT"Austin Powers" villain
MRFREEZE"Batman and Robin" villain
TUT"Batman" villain played by Victor Buono
GASTON"Beauty and the Beast" villain
MESSALA"Ben-Hur" villain
LAMARR"Blazing Saddles" villain Hedley ___
NOAH"Casino Royale" villain Dr. ___
APE"Congo" villain
ESTERFragrant compound that sounds like a Purim queen
IAGO"And what's he then that says I play the villain?" speaker
GANGTeam of villains (4)
MALEFACTORVillain's gender role (10)
BOOEDLike villains, often
CURSEVillains (five like Bane) (5)
SCOUNDRELVillain's doctor welcomed by new counsel (9)
LUGOSIActor often typecast as horror villains/ monsters following his role as Dracula (6)
DEMONSTRATE... villain's given time by judge for show (11)
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