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Crossword Answers: Purim-villain
HAMANPurim villain
JEWSPurim observers
ESTERFragrant compound that sounds like a Purim queen
FAST___ of Esther (Purim preceder)
JEWPurim observer
ADARPurim month
ESTHO.T. book read at Purim
ESTHERBiblical queen celebrated at Purim
SPALKOVillain in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"
EWINGDallas villain JR ... is played by Larry Hagman
ZANEActor Billy who played the villain in 1997's "Titanic"
GIANTFairy-tale villain "starting" the longest Across answers
SODAVillain in the obesity fight
BIGBADThe ___ (nickname for each season's recurring villain on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") *
BOOINGGreeting the villain
BOOTH1865 villain
FOOFOOMANCHUMustachioed villain who's a bit of a pantywaist?
OSWALDVillain of 1963
RENE___ Belloq, villain in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
SALIERI"Amadeus" villain
MUTANTCertain horror film villain
COCKATOOVillain in the animated film "Rio"
KALEarly "Doctor Who" villain
EVE"X-Files" villain Eve ___

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