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Crossword Answers: Purim-villain
HAMANPurim villain
ESTHERBiblical queen celebrated at Purim
ESTHO.T. book read at Purim
ADARPurim month
JEWPurim observer
FAST___ of Esther (Purim preceder)
ESTERFragrant compound that sounds like a Purim queen
JEWSPurim observers
EGGHEAD"Batman" villain
THEJOKER"Batman" villain
LORRE"Casablanca" villain
STRASSER"Casablanca" villain
HEEP"David Copperfield" villain
URIAHHEEP"David Copperfield" villain
HAL"2001" villain
JAFAR"Aladdin" villain
IAGO"And what's he then that says I play the villain?" speaker
FEMBOT"Austin Powers" villain
MRFREEZE"Batman and Robin" villain
TUT"Batman" villain played by Victor Buono
GASTON"Beauty and the Beast" villain
MESSALA"Ben-Hur" villain
LAMARR"Blazing Saddles" villain Hedley ___
NOAH"Casino Royale" villain Dr. ___
APE"Congo" villain
FLATT"Dick Tracy" villain
CAAN"Eraser" villain James
ALEX"Fatal Attraction" villain
MING"Flash Gordon" villain ___ the Merciless
JASON"Friday the 13th" villain
ALEC"GoldenEye" villain Trevelyan
ODDJOB"Goldfinger" villain played by Harold Sakata
NERO"Green Lantern" villain
STRIPE"Gremlins" villain
SCAR"Lion King" villain

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