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Crossword Answers: Protein-source-in-Japan
TOFUProtein source in Japan
ATMBread source, in brief?
YAKButter source, in Asia
PAWNBROKERSCash source in tight situations
WALLOONPAPERCommunity news source in Belgium?
KAPPAWELLCover a water source, in Greece?
SOLHeat source, in Huelva
TOETAGInfo source in the morgue
MOVESPower source in some early cars
ELMTREEShade source in many Canadian cities
FISHProtein source
EGGProtein source
MEATProtein source
EDAMAMEJapanese protein source
SOYAMultipurpose protein source
DRYMILKPowdered protein source
PUN"Maid in Japan," e.g.
MADE"___ in Japan" (stamp on some products)
SEN1/2 cent in Japan
SAPPORO1972 host city in Japan
BLACKRAIN1989 Michael Douglas movie set in Japan
ANTONIOSANActor Banderas, in Japan?
JOANFONTAINEActress born in Japan
SUMOBig sport in Japan
FUGUBlowfish that's a delicacy in Japan
OSAKACity in Japan
GLUTENTAG"Hello, here's some wheat protein," in German?
DENATUREA tenured chemistry professor might do this to a protein
AMINOAcid in protein
FIBRINBlood coagulation protein
RICINCastor-bean protein
RNACell protein
RRNACell stuff that fabricates protein, for short

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