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Crossword Answers: Protein-source-in-Japan
TOFUProtein source in Japan
ASSETFriendly source, in spy lingo
AGAVENectar source in the Southwest
CRIERNews source, in olden times
CANNONBALLDIVESSplashing source in pools
BRANFiber source in cereals
STEAMEnergy source in old engines
ILIAD"Troilus and Cressida" source, in part
SALESIncome source in the retail business
LENTILSOUPVegetarian protein source
BEANSVegan protein source
PIERREPRESSURETeen stress source in a state capital?
ELMTREEShade source in many Canadian cities
JAGUARUNDIJourno, originally editing Guardian, hides source in uncovering wildcat (10)
GLUCOSEWhite crystalline sugar; a major energy source in metabolism (7)
REDRiver, its source in the US, flowing north to empty into L Winnipeg (3)
HAPPYMOTHERSDAYPoison source in Christie's "A Pocket Full of Rye"
NUTSProtein sources
REDMEATSProtein sources
BREDRaised from central sources in border (4)
CELLSPower sources in prison? (5)
URLSSources in a modern bibliog.
RONINSamurai in Japan's feudal period left masterless by the disgrace or death of their traditional lord
SCOOPFULProtein powder quantity
VEGOUTRelax on protein diet? (3,3)
PEAHigh-protein legume
ACAIBerry in some protein shakes
GENEBit of protein
QUINOAHigh-protein grain
POINTERProtein (anag)
INSULINIn 1965 this hormone became the first human protein to be synthesised, helping in the treatment of d
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