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Crossword Answers: Protein-source-in-Japan
TOFUProtein source in Japan
LENTILProtein source
RAWEGGSProtein source
EGGProtein source
BEANProtein source
SOYProtein source
SOYBEANProtein source
FISHProtein source
NUGProtein source
BEEFProtein source
NUTProtein source
VEALRevealed about protein source (4)
LENTILSOUPVegetarian protein source
BEANSVegan protein source
DRYMILKPowdered protein source
MEATOne protein source
EGGHEADLoaf topped with protein source for the brain (7)
NUTSProtein sources
REDMEATSProtein sources
EDOPERIOD250-year span in Japan's history
BREDRaised from central sources in border (4)
CELLSPower sources in prison? (5)
URLSSources in a modern bibliog.
RONINSamurai in Japan's feudal period left masterless by the disgrace or death of their traditional lord
CHOCOLATESHAKESSpecial K "Protein" products
EXTENDERSSubstances that add protein to meat
EMUPerth protein
LEPTINProtein entered quickly in report (6)
MEETSWe're told more than one source of protein satisfies
QUORNVegetable protein developed from fungus used in cooking as a meat substitute (5)

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