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Crossword Answers: Protein-source-in-Japan
TOFUProtein source in Japan
AGAVENectar source in the Southwest
CRIERNews source, in olden times
CANNONBALLDIVESSplashing source in pools
BRANFiber source in cereals
STEAMEnergy source in old engines
ILIAD"Troilus and Cressida" source, in part
SALESIncome source in the retail business
ELMTREEShade source in many Canadian cities
MOVESPower source in some early cars
TOETAGInfo source in the morgue
SOLHeat source, in Huelva
KAPPAWELLCover a water source, in Greece?
GLUCOSEWhite crystalline sugar; a major energy source in metabolism (7)
REDRiver, its source in the US, flowing north to empty into L Winnipeg (3)
HAPPYMOTHERSDAYPoison source in Christie's "A Pocket Full of Rye"
PIERREPRESSURETeen stress source in a state capital?
QUINOAHigh-protein grain
POINTERProtein (anag)
RIBOSOMESProtein generators
ATKINSDIETA high-protein, high-fat, low-carb regimen (6,4)
PTOMAINProduct of putrefaction of protein
ATKINSUS doctor with the controversial low-carb, high-protein diet he named after himself, Dr Robert ...
SOYABEANSSeana's boy processed protein in the Asian shops (4,5)
SOYABEANSeana and the boy get their protein in the Orient (4,4)
TOXINSDangerous proteins
PATRONISESupport a protein's production (9)
MARINADESThey break down muscle and connective proteins

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