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Crossword Answers: Processed-meat
COLDCUTSProcessed meat
BOLOGNAProcessed meat
HAMProcessed meat
LUNCHEONMEATProcessed meat
SALAMIProcessed meat
TURKEYProcessed meat
LUNCHMEATProcessed meat
COLDMEATProcessed meat
SPAMMaps ruined by processed meat (4)
MINCEProcessed meat (5)
PASTRAMIOne place to trade in juice rejected from processed meat (8)
SANGRIAProcessed grain as wine drink (7)
ORANGESFruit Agnes processed as first alternative
COMPUTEDProcessed data
SINKSGoes down for processed skins (5)
ALUMINAProcessed bauxite
ORESMinerals to be processed
OREIt's processed in a smeltery
DRAPERYCurtain fabrics processed per yard (7)
PISTACHIOCIA to ship processed nut
MEDALLISTEdam still processed by winning sportsperson
USEFULAble to help us with processed fuel (6)
BESEECHBeg for B-grade cheese to be processed
SKIPPERSCaptains holding processed fish in the ship (8)
SELFWILLEDPersonal photograph away from Ireland is processed by lawyer and writer who's very headstrong (4-6)
ARTIFICIALLIGHTCall Haiti if grit could be processed for sun substitute (10,5)
SAESReturn mail main areas processed in reverse order (4)
CHIPIn electronics, a wafer of semiconductor material processed to form a type of integrated circuit (4)
SUGARMILLAll GIs rum processed in factory making sweetener (9)
DENIMMaterial processed underground that's brought to the surface (5)
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