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Crossword Answers: Processed-meat
TURKEYProcessed meat
LUNCHMEATProcessed meat
COLDMEATProcessed meat
COLDCUTSProcessed meat
BOLOGNAProcessed meat
HAMProcessed meat
LUNCHEONMEATProcessed meat
SALAMIProcessed meat
SPAMMaps ruined by processed meat (4)
MINCEProcessed meat (5)
PASTRAMIOne place to trade in juice rejected from processed meat (8)
DRAPERYCurtain fabrics processed per yard (7)
PISTACHIOCIA to ship processed nut
MEDALLISTEdam still processed by winning sportsperson
EXPEDITEDProcessed fast and efficiently (9)
ASSUAGESatisfy with processed sausage (7)
HOMETOWNHow Monet processed birthplace (4,4)
VAINLYA vinyl processed pointlessly (6)
RECANTPublicly withdraw belief in processed nectar (6)
TANNEDProcessed the hide and give a hiding! (6)
EDAMFresh-milk cheese processed in northern Holland
KIDNAPPERJoiner upset when tucking into processed fish? That's criminal! (9)
DEBRIEFProcessed Brie fed to elicit post-event summary
AMBROSIASiam boar processed as food for the gods
BOTTLESProcessed best lot of drink containers (7)
SIRLOINSir, lion is processed into a type of steak (7)
LETTUCEOnly vegetable never sold frozen, canned, processed, or cooked
MACHINEDHad mince processed and shaped by a tool
CATHOLICTom and Huck initially processed oil for head of clan in church (8)
SOYABEANSSeana's boy processed protein in the Asian shops (4,5)
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