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Crossword Answers: Preventive-measure
SAFETYNETPreventive measure
ITSTOLDUSINGAWATCHPreventive measure, proverbially
OUNCEPreventive measure?
PRECAUTIONSPreventive measures
HEALTHMANAGEMENTPreventive medicine
CONTRACEPTIVEPreventive medicine
HEALTHCAREPreventive medicine
CLEANLINESSPreventive medicine
BIRTHCONTROLPreventive medicine
HYGIENEPreventive medicine
HOUSEARRESTPreventive custody
STANDASIDETake no preventive action
DEETWest Nile virus preventive
LIMEScurvy preventive
APPLEProverbial preventive
VETOPreventive power
DAMAGECONTROLPreventive maintenance on a water barrier?
HMOPreventive care plan (abbr.)
APPLETPreventive medicine, when taken daily with tense application in Java (6)

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