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Crossword Answers: Prevailing-current-of-thought
NAINSTREAMPrevailing current of thought
WINDCurrent of air
DRAUGHTCurrent of air
DRAFTCurrent of air
MAELSTROMPowerful circular current of water (9)
WHIRLPOOLPowerful circular current of water (9)
RACERapid current of water
UPDRAUGHTRising current of air (9)
UPSTREAMAgainst the current of the river
BLOWStrong current of air (4)
MILLRACEChannel current of water under factory
TORRENTCopper went to current of violent river (7)
THERMALRising current of warm air
CROSSWINDStrong current of air
DISTRAUGHTSit around in current of cool air, becoming frantic with worry (10)
COULOMBUnit of electric charge, the amount carried by a constant current of one ampere in one second (7)
TRADEWINDBuy and sell current of air around the Equator (5,4)
DRAUGHTYLetting in currents of cold air (8)
DRAFTSLight currents of air
VULCANMINDMELDSharing of thoughts on a TV show?
COMMUNICATIONInterchange of thoughts
TELEPATHYExchange of thoughts?
DREAMSeries of thoughts, visions or feelings happening during sleep (5)
INNER(Of thoughts) intimate - (of circles) privileged (5)
SECONDThe sort of thoughts you might have for a short while (6)
WEATHERPrevailing conditions (7)
OPINIONPrevailing view
INUSEFashionable American-English prevailing
ASSIMILATEBecome part of the prevailing culture (10)
TERRAINTract of land with prevailing characteristic (7)
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