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Crossword Answers: Prevailing-current-of-thought
NAINSTREAMPrevailing current of thought
WHIRLPOOLPowerful circular current of water (9)
MAELSTROMPowerful circular current of water (9)
DRAFTCurrent of air
DRAUGHTCurrent of air
TORRENTCopper went to current of violent river (7)
TRADEWINDBuy and sell current of air around the Equator (5,4)
THERMALRising current of warm air
CROSSWINDStrong current of air
RIGOURStrict precision, of thought say (6)
THREADTrain of thought engineered hatred (6)
SECULARISMA religious school of thought in Church's Place (10)
IDEAObject of thought
ONENESSUnity of thought
COGITATEGive a great deal of thought to
TENORSCourses of thought
BANKDRAFTSChecks say prevailing winds from financial institution perhaps (4,6)
INSPrevailing party
SEALANEPrevailing winds help determine one
REGIMEPrevailing power
STEMTHETIDEStop a prevailing trend
WINDSSome are prevailing
POPULIVox ___ (prevailing opinion)
TRADESPrevailing winds.
NOTIMEFORCOMEDY"What can you say about the current period?"
DRY--- pot (side pot about to be created by the current bet that cannot be won by the player making the
THECIA...while Gen. Michael Hayden is current director of ___

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