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Crossword Answers: Prevailing-current-of-thought
NAINSTREAMPrevailing current of thought
WINDCurrent of air
DRAUGHTCurrent of air
DRAFTCurrent of air
MAELSTROMPowerful circular current of water (9)
WHIRLPOOLPowerful circular current of water (9)
MILLRACEChannel current of water under factory
TORRENTCopper went to current of violent river (7)
THERMALRising current of warm air
CROSSWINDStrong current of air
TRADITIONInherited pattern of thought or action (9)
SOBERINGType of thought
TRAINLine (of thought)
COHERENCETrain of thought necessity
LUCENCYClearness of thought
TRADEWINDBuy and sell current of air around the Equator (5,4)
DRAFTSLight currents of air
VULCANMINDMELDSharing of thoughts on a TV show?
COMMUNICATIONInterchange of thoughts
TELEPATHYExchange of thoughts?
SECONDThe sort of thoughts you might have for a short while (6)
REGIMENPrevailing system
TIDEPrevailing trend
STATESConditions prevailing in countries (6)
LIEOFTHELANDPrevailing state of affairs
RULEPrevailing custom
INSPrevailing party
SEALANEPrevailing winds help determine one
BANKDRAFTSChecks say prevailing winds from financial institution perhaps (4,6)
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