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Crossword Answers: President-after-Polk
TAYLORPresident after Polk
SPIROVice president after Hubert
SPROVice president after Hubert
GFSPresident after Richard Nixon ...his initials-sharers
MITTERANDFrench president after d'Estaing
GOREVice president after Quayle
ROOSEVELTPresident after McKinley
GARFIELDPresident after Hayes
MILLARDPresident after Zachary
HERBERTPresident after Calvin
IKEPresident after Harry
ABERNATHYSouthern Christian Leadership Conference president after King
ADAMSPresident after Washington
BARACKPresident after George
HONESTABEPresident after Ten-Cent Jimmy
AARONBURRVice president after Jefferson
DANVice president after George
CLINTONVice President after Burr
ARTHURU.S. president after Garfield
MILLARDFILLMOREPresident after Zachary Taylor
WGHPresident after Wilson: inits.
RBHPresident after U.S.G.
ABATaft became its president after his term as U.S. president
DALLASVice president after whom a U.S. city is thought to have been named
NCARBirthplace of Pres. Polk
DANAELCARHe played Agent Polk in "The Sting"
ELEVENTHLike President James K. Polk
TYLERPolk preceder
DEMPierce or Polk: Abbr.
AWARDPeabody or Polk
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