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Crossword Answers: President-after-Polk
TAYLORPresident after Polk
RONPresident after Jimmy
RONALDPresident after Jimmy
HSTPresident after F.D.R.
THOSPresident after Geo. and John
HAYESPresident after Grant
DDEPresident after HST
LBJPresident after JFK
NIXONPresident after Johnson
MONROEPresident after Madison
TAFTPresident after Teddy Roosevelt
POLKPresident after Tyler
RBHPresident after U.S.G.
CLAY1844 loser to Polk
POEContemporary of Polk
KNOXJames ___ Polk
AWARDPeabody or Polk
DEMPierce or Polk: Abbr.
TYLERPolk preceder
FACTORYSHOWROOMThey Might Be Giants album with the song "James K. Polk"

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