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Crossword Answers: Prepared-for-a-long-drive,-with-
GASSEDPrepared for a long drive, with "up"
SEMIIt's often used for a long drive
GASUPPrepare for a long drive
DUGINPrepared for a long battle
CHIPOne may follow a long drive
PUTTINGGREENWhere some may be found after a long drive
TEEStart of a long drive?
RIPLet 'er ___ (hit a long drive)
TRAITRESSStarter is prepared for a disloyal lady
FIESTAFeast I prepared for a religious festival
ANNEBOLEYNBenny alone is prepared for a second wife
WARMEDWife, prepared for a fight, became more passionate (6)
VALENTINESDAYEven a lady isn"t prepared for a romantic occasion (10,3)
TRAINEDPrepared for a triathlon, say
MACONPrepared for a downfall of wine? (5)
ATTACHEDATOWBARPrepared for a big move, in a way
REGISTEREDPrepared for a wedding, in a way
TANKEDPrepared for a trip, with "up"
LEAPEDPrepared for a slam dunk
BRACEDPrepared for a shock
HONEDPrepared for a shave
CLOSEDINPrepared for a raid
KNEELEDPrepared for a proposal
POSEDPrepared for a photo
REHEARSEDPrepared for a live taping
HOMERLong drive in the park
VENETORome's Rodeo Drive, with "Via"
TEEINGPreparing to drive, with "up"
FDRN.Y.C. drive, with "the"
ONEHANDEDHow to drive with an arm around a date
TEEDGot ready to drive, with "up"
DAISYMILLER"Do get in and drive with me!"
AGO"A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away..."
ALPO"For a long and healthy life" sloganeer
TRUNCATEMake shorter drive with jazz fan into heart of Ostend (8)
TOURINGCARIs open for those going for a drive with first four characters in 26 across with gin cocktail from s
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