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Crossword Answers: Prepared-for-a-long-drive,-with-
GASSEDPrepared for a long drive, with "up"
DUGINPrepared for a long battle
SEMIIt's often used for a long drive
GASUPPrepare for a long drive
TEEAid for a long drive
STEERPart of a long drive?
CHIPOne may follow a long drive
PUTTINGGREENWhere some may be found after a long drive
RIPLet 'er ___ (hit a long drive)
SIESTASeat is prepared for a nap
HIDALGOLog I had prepared for a Spanish nobleman
PACKEDASUITCASEPrepared for a trip
LADLEEditor all prepared for a scoop (5)
FORENSICConifers specially prepared for a court (8)
NEOLOGISMSome log in prepared for a new term (9)
REHEARSALPrepared for a premiere
TOURISTTrout is prepared for a visitor
HUDDLEDPrepared for a play
TRAITRESSStarter is prepared for a disloyal lady
FIESTAFeast I prepared for a religious festival
ANNEBOLEYNBenny alone is prepared for a second wife
WARMEDWife, prepared for a fight, became more passionate (6)
VALENTINESDAYEven a lady isn"t prepared for a romantic occasion (10,3)
TRAINEDPrepared for a triathlon, say
MACONPrepared for a downfall of wine? (5)
IMPULSERascal good about long drive (7)
HOMERLong drive in the park
SCENICLike a drive with views
SUSSEXOttawa drive with P.M.'s residence
OGLESEyes up internet company lacking drive with customers finally (5)
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