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Crossword Answers: Precisely-what's-needed
JUSTTHETICKETPrecisely what's needed
SPECIFICPrecisely what is needed to remove ill-feeling
SPOTONPrecisely what's required (4,2)
EXITVISAWhat's needed to leave some countries
WETNURSEWhat's needed for developing wee runts? (3,5)
ORDEROFTHEDAYWhat's needed for morning, afternoon, evening? (5,2,3,3)
FILLEDTHEBILLProvided what's needed and closed the account
ECONOMYWhat's needed by firm in money trouble?
OODPROCESSORWhat's needed to understand a telepathic race?
BEDSHEETWhat's needed on the double?
INGREDIENTWhat's needed for dinner I get cooked?
EXCESSOver and above what's needed (6)
STILETTOWhat's needed to climb fence going up over the top - have stab at it with this?
STROPSmall left back what's needed to provide an edge (5)
CASTAWAYOne left behind what's needed for mice to play catching rats, ultimately (8)
RUBDOWNBlack and blue after game -- what's needed? (7)
BLACKTIEFormal dress what's needed - I bet casual is out (5,3)
CHRISTIANNAMEBounty man to choose what's needed for a baptism (9,4)
ASMUCHASITTAKES... what's needed, up to the maximum ... (2,4,2,2,5)
LEITHPort for city of Newcastle? It hardly has what's needed (5)
TWOWhat's needed to tango in prime, even (3)
DOWNINFRONTAnnoyed moviegoer's shout ... or what's needed to make sense of the answers to starred clues
PISTONNo pits can supply what's needed in engine (6)
WASHERSomeone using tap - or what's needed in it?
FITTHEBILLBe just what is needed
JUSTTHEJOBExactly what is needed
ENOUGHWhat is needed is no huge change
FILLTHEBILLBe exactly what is needed
BARENECESSITIESJust what is needed
EQUIPSupply what is needed with an initially enjoyable joke (5)
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