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Crossword Answers: Precisely-what's-needed
JUSTTHETICKETPrecisely what's needed
SPECIFICPrecisely what is needed to remove ill-feeling
EXTRAMore than what's needed
SURPLUSMore than what's needed
AMPLYBeyond what's needed
TOSPAREBeyond what's needed
ORDEROFTHEDAYWhat's needed for morning, afternoon, evening? (5,2,3,3)
FILLEDTHEBILLProvided what's needed and closed the account
ECONOMYWhat's needed by firm in money trouble?
OODPROCESSORWhat's needed to understand a telepathic race?
BEDSHEETWhat's needed on the double?
INGREDIENTWhat's needed for dinner I get cooked?
EXCESSOver and above what's needed (6)
GEARWhat's needed for the job
GOODMEASURE(For) more than what's needed
EXTRASThey're more than what's needed
SKILLSETWhat's needed to accomplish a task
ZWEIWhat's needed for a Teutonic tango
DINTHEBUCKETNowhere near what's needed
FILLTHEBILLBe just what's needed
PISTONNo pits can supply what's needed in engine (6)
WASHERSomeone using tap - or what's needed in it?
CALLME1980 Blondie chart-topper, and what's needed to make sense of the answers to starred clues
OOOSWhat's needed to go from millionaire to billionaire
HALLPMINEWhat's needed to get out of class, if you don't know one from the other?
ENOUGHWhat is needed is no huge change
BARENECESSITIESJust what is needed
SCREENHide what is needed for successful projecting (6)
GRITPluck ___ that"s what is needed on icy roads (4)
BLOODSTOCKIs this what is needed to make industrial quantities of pudding for the horses? (10)
ADROPINTHEOCEANVery small amount compared with what is needed (1,4,2,3,5)
TRACTORArea of land or what is needed to cultivate it? (7)
PITHYPrecisely meaningful
EXACTPrecisely correct (5)
TOTHELETTERPrecisely (2,3,6)
FINETUNEAdjust very precisely
AYEPopeye's "Precisely!"
QUOTERecite precisely
PARALLELPrecisely similar
NAILSGets precisely
PINDOWNDefine precisely
EXPLICITPrecisely and clearly expressed (8)
DROPMEALINEThe Beatles suggested, "Send me a postcard, ... stating point of view; Indicate precisely what you n
JUSTINTIMEPrecisely on the beat without a minute to spare (4,2,4)
CITATIONI act on it precisely to deliver commendation
CALLMEISHMAEL"___. Some years ago -- never mind how long precisely -- ..."
CLIPPEDWhat the barber did precisely - in a manner of speaking (7)
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