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Crossword Answers: Port-for-a-mouse
USBPort for a mouse
COMPUTERICONSStopping points for a mouse
DCONFatal meal for a mouse
TRAPIt may be set for a mouse in the house
WINEPort, for one
REDWINEPort, for one
PROTEMOrder me port for the time being
ERIEHome port for the USS Niagara
ARBOURHothead left port for shelter of trees (6)
TROUPESCompanies that perform use port for processing (7)
BERTHSSpaces in port for boats (6)
AMSTERDAMPort for mother after morning rest, perhaps (9)
ERIEPAGreat Lakes port, for short
SWEETWINEPort, for example
LEFTPort for mariners
HAVANACuban city that was an important trading port for pirates
WHINEComplain that port, for instance, is hot inside (5)
LAUNCESTONCity in Tasmania; main port for trade with the Australian mainland (10)
TUNNELVISIONWay into Dublin port for ghost with narrow focus (6,6)
EZEKIELBreak last letter in America on way to German port for prophet (7)
REDSPorts, for instance
ORA"... ___ mouse?"
PCSYSTEMIt has buses and ports
RUBYCelebration of wedding in one of the ports (4)
PROCRASTINATEA port's certain to undergo change in delay (13)
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