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Crossword Answers: Port-for-a-mouse
USBPort for a mouse
COMPUTERICONSStopping points for a mouse
DCONFatal meal for a mouse
AMSTERDAMPort for mother after morning rest, perhaps (9)
ERIEPAGreat Lakes port, for short
REDWINEPort, for one
SWEETWINEPort, for example
LEFTPort for mariners
OSTIAPort for Pompey
JAXFlorida port, for short
PALOSDeparture port for Columbus' first voyage
RIOBrazilian port, for short
SCROLLMove with a mouse wheel
RODENTA mouse is one
NOONENot even a mouse
CLICKONChoose with a mouse
ICONWhat a mouse often stops at
RSIMuscular-skeletal system injury caused by repetitive actions such as using a keyboard or mouse (1,1,
SHREWSMouse-like mammals that must eat almost constantly
NANCYWWII heroine code-named The White Mouse, ... Wake
WALTCartoon filmmaker and the creator of Mickey Mouse, ... Disney
SHREWSmall mouse-like animal (5)
MICKEYFamous Disney mouse
CELSMickey Mouse pics, e.g.
POLARModest Mouse "___ Opposites"

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