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Crossword Answers: Polish-born-musician-who-was-awarded-a-Presidential-Medal-of-Freedom
RUBINSTEINPolish-born musician who was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom
PEIArchitect awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1993
COSBYBill who received a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002
OPRAHMedia mogul with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
ISAACSTERNMusician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
ALI2005 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
BOBHOPEComedian given a 1969 Presidential Medal of Freedom
OWENSOlympian who received the 1976 Presidential Medal of Freedom
SALKScientist who won a 1977 Presidential Medal of Freedom
ASHEAthlete who posthumously won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1993
ENRICOHe was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Grammy the same year as Arturo
FRANKZAPPAMusician who was not the son of Captain Kangaroo's Mr. Green Jeans, as fans state
EUBIEBLAKERagtime musician who was the subject of a 1978 musical
ARTURRUBINSTEIN1976 U.S. Medal of Freedom recipient
PRESIDENTSMedal of Freedom awarders

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