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Crossword Answers: Polish-born-musician-who-was-awarded-a-Presidential-Medal-of-Freedom
LASSIEFamous screen dog who was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
ISAACSTERNMusician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
OPRAHMedia mogul with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
RUBINSTEINPolish-born musician who was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom
PEIArchitect awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1993
COSBYBill who received a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002
SABINPhysician who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in '86
TUTUPresidential Medal of Freedom recipient in 2009
SADATPresidential Medal of Freedom recipient of 1984
ANGELOUPresidential Medal of Freedom recipient in 2011
YOYOMAMusician who won a 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom
ASHEAthlete who posthumously won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1993
SALKScientist who won a 1977 Presidential Medal of Freedom
OWENSOlympian who received the 1976 Presidential Medal of Freedom
BOBHOPEComedian given a 1969 Presidential Medal of Freedom
SCOTTRagtime composer who was awarded a posthumous Pulitzer for his contribution to American music, ... J
ROBERTOCLEMENTE2003 Presidential Medal of Freedom winner
POITIER2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
ALI2005 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
EUBIEBLAKERagtime musician who was the subject of a 1978 musical
ADELESinger who was awarded an M.B.E. in 2013
ENRICOHe was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Grammy the same year as Arturo
FRANKZAPPAMusician who was not the son of Captain Kangaroo's Mr. Green Jeans, as fans state
NOBELScientist Marie Curie became the first woman to be awarded this Swedish prize - she was awarded a se
IMPEIMedal of Freedom architect
DORISDAYMedal of Freedom awardee of 2004
ERNIEWith 35-Across, baseball player who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 and died 1/23
YOKOONOJapan-born musician-artist whose works include 1964 book Grapefruit (4,3)
CURIEMarie, Polish-born French physicist who isolated pure radium (5)
CONRADPolish-born author who wrote in English, his third language
ALICE1921 Booth Tarkington novel awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (5,5)
SCHULZCartoonist awarded a Congressional Gold Medal in 2000
RIKToronto-born musician Mr. Emmett
AUFDERMAURMontreal-born musician Melissa: 3 wds.
BONODublin-born musician
ARTURPolish-born pianist Rubinstein
ASCHPolish-born author Sholem
BRZEZINSKIPolish-born Carter aide
MARKEDRead and awarded a grade (6)
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