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Crossword Answers: Poison-gas
WARGASPoison gas
NERVEGASPoison gas
MARSHGASPoison gas
METHANEPoison gas
SWAMPGASPoison gas
TEARGASPoison gas
LETHALAGENTPoison gas, e.g.
BANDRatt or Poison
HEMLOCKAhem! Lockup contains poison
SNAKEBITEDrink providing legless creature's poison? (9)
LITA"Shot of Poison" Ford
POTIONDose of medicine or poison (6)
PHYTOTOXINPoison produced by a plant (10)
EMILabel for the Poison album "Poison'd!"
DCONBrand of mouse poison
LACEMix (drink) with poison
HASPoison "Every Rose ___ Its Thorn"
NARROWLYIn 'poison arrow' lyrics? Only just (8)
MAUPASSANTStoryteller's introduction to mystery as worker swallows poison (10)
CENTIPEDEThe first pair of limbs of this many-legged arthropod are modified into poison fangs
VINEPoison ivy, grapes %26 kiwi fruit are examples of this type of plant
BACKROOM"Go, see what the boys in the ... will have; And give them the poison they name!" ordered Marlene Di
DROP"Little ___ of Poison" by Tom Waits
PLAYEDDOWNUnderestimated, at first, poison deadly bats possess (6,4)
GASThe French and British governments jointly declared in 1939 that they would avoid using poison ...
AFTER"I went hiking with Joe Spivy; He developed poison ivy; You remember Leonard Skinner; He got ptomain
BRETMICHAELSPoison singer who starred in "Rock of Love": 2 wds.
ENABLEAllow evil extremists to take poison, rolling around (6)
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