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Crossword Answers: Poison-gas
WARGASPoison gas
SWAMPGASPoison gas
MARSHGASPoison gas
NERVEGASPoison gas
TEARGASPoison gas
METHANEPoison gas
ARSIEEFlammable poison gas
LETHALAGENTPoison gas, e.g.
GASMASKSRespirators used as defence against poison gas (8)
PHOSGENERing about examples returned with poison gas (8)
CHLORINEChemical used as poison gas and water supply disinfectant (8)
YPRESSite of the first use of poison gas
ROSEHAS"Every ___ Its Thorn" (Poison)
OMCELOABC"How Bizarre"/"Do Ya"/"Poison Arrow"
RASHSTATEMENT"I've got poison ivy"
IVY"Poison ___" (Coasters classic)
COASTERS"Poison ivy" singers
SUMAC"Poison" plant
SAYERS"Strong Poison" author
SUREST"The ___ poison is time.": Emerson
ABC'Poison Arrow' band
ARROW1983 ABC hit "Poison ___"
ASPS"He shall suck the poison of ___" (Job 20:16)
SCRATCHILY"I sat in some poison ivy," said Tom ___
HASSHE"What dish o' poison -- dressed him!": "Twelfth Night"

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