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Crossword Answers: Poison-gas
METHANEPoison gas
SWAMPGASPoison gas
TEARGASPoison gas
WARGASPoison gas
NERVEGASPoison gas
MARSHGASPoison gas
LETHALAGENTPoison gas, e.g.
YPRESSite of the first use of poison gas
LABPoison test site
VENINSPoison compounds produced by snakes
XESPoison indicators, on bottles
DIGITALINManage dilating with one poison (9)
BANDRatt or Poison
HEMLOCKAhem! Lockup contains poison
SNAKEBITEDrink providing legless creature's poison? (9)
LITA"Shot of Poison" Ford
POTIONDose of medicine or poison (6)
INDISPOSITIONPoison in it, Sid? So this could result from it! (13)
ACONITEPoison - it's found in an ice cream
URBANEDisregard majority of rumour and poison being cultivated (6)
ISLEYPamela ---, the human alter ego of the Batman villain Poison Ivy (5)
OCEANAmount of calamine lotion you'll need 'when poison ivy comes a-creeping all around' (according to th
HENBANEThis plant stores poison? Then ban edible contents (7)
CASHEWNut tree closely related to poison ivy
NARROWLYIn 'poison arrow' lyrics? Only just (8)
MAUPASSANTStoryteller's introduction to mystery as worker swallows poison (10)
CENTIPEDEThe first pair of limbs of this many-legged arthropod are modified into poison fangs
VINEPoison ivy, grapes %26 kiwi fruit are examples of this type of plant
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