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Crossword Answers: Poison-gas
MARSHGASPoison gas
METHANEPoison gas
SWAMPGASPoison gas
TEARGASPoison gas
WARGASPoison gas
NERVEGASPoison gas
LETHALAGENTPoison gas, e.g.
LACEMix (drink) with poison
HASPoison "Every Rose ___ Its Thorn"
BLOWDARTSPoison carriers
ALGICIDEKelp poison
BLOWPIPEPoison-dart weapon (8)
PUSPoison gave Pushkin a start (3)
MEDEAHer poison killed Creon
RIDEPoison "___ the Wind"
RATSBANERodent-killing poison, old-style
BIENNIALPoison hemlock or Queen Anne's lace
OUSSuffix with poison
ALOEPoison-ivy soother
DIORSMidnight Poison and Fahrenheit 32
TASTESDIFFERThe reason one man"s meat is another man"s poison (6,6)
JPMAURICE"Poison Heart" singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC: _ _ ___
LAKMEOpera title character who eats a poison leaf
TRUTHDRUGFacts on poison won't help you lying (5,4)
ANTIVENINNovel native inn will rally you whatever your poison (9)
FROGThe dreaded arrow poison of the South American natives (now being investigated as a possible replace
IONOSPHEREPoison working at this point? It's up in the air (10)
ITCHYOMANArab country suffering from an outbreak of poison ivy?
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