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Crossword Answers: Plant's-saclike-structures
CYSTSPlant's saclike structures
SPOROCYSTSaclike larval stage of some flatworms
CYSTSaclike growth
SALPAMarine creature with a transparent, saclike body
WINDMILLSIn Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote unsuccessfully attacked these structures, giving us the phrase 'til
LEGOBlock used for toy structures
SLIDESTall structures in children's playgrounds (6)
STEEPLEJACKSomeone repairs tall church structures (11)
DAMAGETOLERANCEStructure's ability to sustain defects
OILRIGSStructures in the Gulf of Mexico
BREAKHSCoastal structures countering erosion
TERRARIAGreenhouse structures
DAMSHydroelectric structures
HONEYCOMBSBeeswax structures
HIVESApiary structures
CASTLESSand structures
OFCHINAWorld's largest man-made structure, the Great Wall ... (2,5)
BABELUnfinished Biblical structure, the Tower of ...
EMBODYEpitomise the 13th letter of a physical structure (6)
GREENHOUSEGardener's glass-covered structure (10)
MOLECULARCryptic clue in grinding tooth of compound atomic structure (9)
ANTLERBone structure can be learnt (6)
PARSESAnalyzes the structure of
POOPRaised structure at the stern of a vessel (4)
CHIMNEYStructure for venting smoke or steam (7)
DEPOTAmtrak structure
WATTLE------ and daub, primitive wall structure (6)
ASPIREA tapering structure, long (6)

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