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Crossword Answers: Plant's-saclike-structures
CYSTSPlant's saclike structures
ASCISaclike structures
BURSASaclike cavity between joints
STOMACHSSaclike body organs (8)
SPOROCYSTSaclike larval stage of some flatworms
CYSTSaclike growth
SALPAMarine creature with a transparent, saclike body
SPIRESTall towering structures
EGOOne of Freud's three basic personality structures
FIBERSThread like structures
PODSLegume structures
FONTSAdobe structures?
ALOESAfrican plants
IXIASAfrican plants
SEDUMS"Creeping" succulent ground cover plants
ONEACROSS"Unwanted plants," herein
VINYAbounding in climbing plants
FERNEDAbounding in fronded plants
SEDGERAbounding in marsh plants
RESTAKEAdjust for taller plants
BRIDGESStructures such as San Francisco's Golden Gate and London's Tower
PYRAMIDSThese structures in Egypt are the oldest of the seven wonders of the world
CATHEDRALSCanterbury and St Paul's are two famous examples of these Christian structures
TEPEE"Dances With Wolves" structure
WIGWAM"Dances With Wolves" structure
SILO"Green Acres" structure

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