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Crossword Answers: Plant's-saclike-structures
CYSTSPlant's saclike structures
SALPAMarine creature with a transparent, saclike body
CYSTSaclike growth
SPOROCYSTSaclike larval stage of some flatworms
NOAM"Syntactic Structures" author Chomsky
CHALETSAlpine structures
TANKSAquarium structures
CHOMSKYAuthor of "Syntactic Structures"
SHEDSBackyard structures
SACSBaglike structures
PIERSBarnacled structures
CABANASBeach structures
TAXONOMIESBiologist's structures
ANATOMIESBody structures
KEELSBow-to-stern structures
ADOBESBrick structures
ARISTASBristlelike structures
DOMESBuckminster Fuller structures
ALOESAfrican plants
IXIASAfrican plants
YUCCASArizona plants
CACTIArizona plants
SEDUMS"Creeping" succulent ground cover plants
ONEACROSS"Unwanted plants," herein
VINYAbounding in climbing plants
FERNEDAbounding in fronded plants
SEDGERAbounding in marsh plants
RESTAKEAdjust for taller plants
GLADSAfrican plants, informally
PITASAgave plants
PANAMAHATSApparel made from palmlike plants
ALGAEAquatic plants

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