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Crossword Answers: Pigment-ore
OCHERPigment ore
INDIGOVery dark blue pigment (6)
SINOPIAPigment in soap, I fancy? (7)
BURNTSIENNABan runniest form of pigment
DUMBERDye's original pigment is less bright
IMPASTOThick layers of pigment
NUMBERONENobody keeps pigment for himself (6,3)
CYANINPigment used by Nancy first (6)
PRUSSIANBLUEPainting and dyeing pigment (8,4)
LAKEMere - organic pigment (4)
ULTRAMARINEDeep blue pigment (11)
MAUVEPurple pigment
LAMPSoot used as a pigment
COLOUREDRich in pigment (8)
ZINCAn oxide of this metallic element is used to protect against sunburn or as a white pigment in paint
COBALTBLUECarbon-based rock crushed black"s left in original tube as artist"s pigment (6,4)
GOUACHEOpaque pigment used by Henri Matisse to create the Blue Nudes series and Auguste Herbin to paint Nud
PASTELPigment, usually in the form of a stick, used by Edgar Degas to create La Toilette (Woman Combing He
BICESTERPigment mentioned somewhere in 23 28 (8)
VIRIDIANPigment - one imported by long-lasting ruler over unsettled India (8)
ENTRUSTGive responsibility to Pigmy to leave pigment rusty (7)
WARPAINTPigment brushed onto the face before battle (3,5)
WHITELEADPigment used at the start of a game of chess? (5,4)
BURNTUMBERRub out integer with the first pigment
COCHINEALScarlet pigment to conceal awful welcome inside (9)
RESERVOIRScatter river ores in dam (9)
METALSValuable ores, precious ...
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