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Crossword Answers: Pigment-ore
OCHERPigment ore
SIENNABrown pigment
UMBERBrown pigment
SEPIABrown pigment
OCHREArtist's pigment
HEMATINBlood pigment
HEMEBlood pigment
EARTHBrownish pigment
IMPASTOSApplications of heavy pigment
COLORWHEELArtist's pigment chart
PALETTEArtist's pigment-mixing board
INDIAINKBlack pigment
OENINBlue grape pigment
REDLEADCertain paint pigment
HONEYDEWMELANINDark fruit pigment?
ASSAYAnalyze, as ore
STUTTERAnalyze, as ore
KRONE100 ore
KRONA100 ore, in Sweden
MINEDAccessed ore
BAUXITEArkansas ore
MINEBore for ore
SALEMCapital of Ore.
GALENAChief ore of lead
REEDCollege in Ore.
IRONCommon ore
MALACHITECopper-ore source
LODEDeposit of ore
LODESDeposits of ore
MINESDigs for ore
ADITDoor to ore
ITEEnding for an ore
ASSAYEDExamined, as ore
SMELTExtract iron from ore
LEADExtraction from galena ore
CRATERFamed Ore. lake

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