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Crossword Answers: Pigment-ore
OCHERPigment ore
PRIMARYCOLORPrimary pigment
CYANPrimary pigment
ULTRAMARINEDeep blue pigment (11)
MAUVEPurple pigment
LAMPSoot used as a pigment
COLOUREDRich in pigment (8)
SMALTDeep blue pigment
BISTRETribes disturbed by brown pigment (6)
COBALTElemental source of a blue pigment
MAGENTAPrimary pigment for printers
MINERALBLUENatural pigment made by grinding azurite
PARISGREENArtist's pigment, once
ROSEMADDERReddish pigment
TERRE___ verte (green earth pigment)
GAMBOGEYellow pigment
OCHREDUsed a certain pigment
LAMPBLACKSoot used as pigment
MELANINSkin pigment
ALIZARINRed pigment
BURNTUMBERRub out integer with the first pigment
COCHINEALScarlet pigment to conceal awful welcome inside (9)
AZOType of pigment used in artists' paints
ZINCOXIDEPowder used in paint pigment and matches
MININGExtracting ores from the earth (6)
METALLURGYScience dealing with ores
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