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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
SIGNNotice picked up in Hayling Island
ENIACMichael picked up an old computer
CATCHYEasily picked up (tune) (6)
TERNSeabird in wind that's picked up (4)
STUNGWounded privates picked up German
GUIDANCEChap picked up ball control (8)
ASSYRIAOld country bumpkin has picked up light
TEMBLORSomething picked up by a seismoscope
REGULARSoldier picked up artillery weapon
EJECTAStuff thrown out in jamboree's outside getting picked up by city volunteers (6)
GLADIATORFighter happy he had that woman picked up in Bow?
OBTAINEDPicked up nothing from Irish book consumed by plot (8)
RINGSIDEWhere you'll get seconds - doughnuts one 21 picked up
PHENOMENAPub bloomer picked up - they can be observed
ASSONANCEAs lad dances unclad, this is picked up (9)
FORTHETAKINGIs this why thief went to prison to avail of what can be picked up easily? (3,3,6)
ADZE... of which several can be picked up, something like 20 (4)
ORATEA bundle picked up and taken away from detailed talk (5)
BUSFARETravel money loan picked up just as discussed
TBARScotsman heading for Tyrol picked up skiing guide?
LISBOAQC almost picked up scarf in foreign city (6)
GUESSTIMATEResident picked up single friend, creating uninformed speculation
IMITATORList mostly not forthcoming? Picked up in copier
UNDERTHECOUNTERControlled by the computer stealthily? (5,3,7)
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