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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
ENROLKnowledge picked up about new recruit (5)
OVERHEARDPicked up surreptitiously
ABUGPicked up ___ (got sick)
YFRONTSMrs Piggy's picked up underwear (1-6)
TIPSPerks picked up from rubbish dumps (4)
COLLECTEDPicked up when calm
MESSYNeeding to be picked up
CUSTARDEuphemism picked up after oath cut short Saucy stuff (7)
LOGCABINRecord picked up from airport, for example, by fashionable homely type with connections to the Woods
DAWNNote and other notes picked up as an opener (4)
SCHNAPPSImages picked up from one who's had too much of this? (8)
BAMBIPicked up a dear bachelor, camp at heart, swinging either way (5)
ONSTREAMNumber picked up power, capturing river already flowing (2-6)
SPHEREWorld picked up extra comment in Independent (6)
NOMINEEScreen I monitor picked up hidden figure entering field? (7)
FLOORPrince "She picked up the phone. Dropped it on the ___"
EXHAUSTPicked up tyre as well as another car part (7)
TARTRATEPaintings are picked up in gallery compound (8)
EPSILONGreek character picked up speech impediment in time (7)
EOLITHSPedal attachment picked up outside shed light on early tools (7)
INFECTIOUSUse fiction in a way that's easily picked up (10)
TANNERHide worker picked up on beach by head nurse in hospital (6)
SOLDOUTNo seats left picked up only reservation (4,3)
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