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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
REGULARSoldier picked up artillery weapon
CARROT23 - 0.2g picked up (6)
BEDSIDEBOOKPicked up before dropping off? (7,4)
TBARScotsman heading for Tyrol picked up skiing guide?
LISBOAQC almost picked up scarf in foreign city (6)
GUESSTIMATEResident picked up single friend, creating uninformed speculation
REFLong-term prisoner picked up litre for a further drinkSee 8
KUWAITIEuropean country picked up delay linked to one from Arab country
ONGUARDMonitoring substance picked up when American comes in after performing
UHLANPrussian soldier picked up by divisional hussar (5)
TRAVELLERClerk touring part of France picked up by salesperson (9)
HARLOTLeader of Levites in the Pentateuch picked up Jezebel (6)
BABASponge cake elephant's picked up by the ears (4)
DISPERSALSouthern salesmen picked up in phone distribution (9)
OILCANNicola may be picked up by a mechanic (6)
MUSAKType of Greek fire picked up in supermarkets? (5)
SNAZZYSmart answer picked up, then sleepy characters start to yawn (6)
TURNEDTHECORNERPicked up and marked the page one reached? (6,3,6)
FAGENDButt - something picked up out of context (3,3)
IMITATORList mostly not forthcoming? Picked up in copier
STRAWMANPicked up blemishes -- a lot, but not all -- in hypothetical concept (5,3)
EYESOREThe setter got picked up -- not a pretty sight (7)
STEPCHILDNot one's own favourites picked up by companion I loved extremely (9)
UNDERTHECOUNTERControlled by the computer stealthily? (5,3,7)
PUSSYFOOTGo stealthily or cautiously (9)

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