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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
FINGERFOODFood made to be picked up with the fingers and eaten
FINGERSANDWICHESFood made to be picked up with the fingers and eaten
CLEANAll picked up
VIBEAura being picked up
MAGICTREATBill picked up by cager Johnson?
ALIASESHandles for ones not wanting to be picked up
SCENTIt may be picked up
AROMAIt may be picked up at Starbucks
THETABIt may be picked up at Vesuvio
BARTABIt may be picked up at a tavern
METALIt may be picked up in a bar
SMELLIt may be picked up in a gym
ODORIt may be picked up in a locker
OLEOIt may be picked up in bars
EDGEINEnter stealthily
SNEAKINEnter stealthily
STEALINEnter stealthily
SNEAKINTOEnter stealthily
CREEPINTOEnter stealthily
WORMAdvance stealthily
TIPTOEAdvance stealthily
CREEPUPApproach stealthily
SNEAKUPApproach stealthily
CREPTApproached stealthily
CREPTUPApproached stealthily
ALAS"___ for Man, so stealthily betrayed": Millay
SNEAKSActs stealthily
CREEPSUPApproaches stealthily
PROWLSCreeps stealthily
NIT"Picked" picayune point
BEST"___ in Show" (movie picked as one of 2000's top 10 by the American Film Institute)
RIPEAbout to be picked
EPABush has picked Christie Todd Whitman to head it
AFRODo that's picked
ELIGIBLEFit to be picked
DESIGNATEDRIVERFlower picked by boozy beavers?
MORELFood item usually picked wild
RIPENGet ready to be picked

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