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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
YFRONTSMrs Piggy's picked up underwear (1-6)
TIPSPerks picked up from rubbish dumps (4)
COLLECTEDPicked up when calm
MESSYNeeding to be picked up
MINEDPicked up intelligence with bombs planted (5)
FINSSwimming gear Europeans picked up (4)
BOUGHTBishop should have picked up (6)
REPOSSome picked-up pickups, briefly
COLLECTIONPicked up during mass at bank (10)
EPSILONGreek character picked up speech impediment in time (7)
EOLITHSPedal attachment picked up outside shed light on early tools (7)
INFECTIOUSUse fiction in a way that's easily picked up (10)
TANNERHide worker picked up on beach by head nurse in hospital (6)
SOLDOUTNo seats left picked up only reservation (4,3)
PETRELPicked up fuel, one seen in flight overseas (6)
ROSETTAAncient stone picked up on tail of comet reflecting indication of position in space (7)
SEEDCASEPod in sea picked up; depth subject of investigation (8)
SLADENoddy and co travelled with Santa, maybe picked up by Big Ears? (5)
HOISTSetter picked up by landlord offering a lift (5)
OUTBOXAdvice to pugilist if they want to win is picked up by postman? (6)
CONFETTICould this be picked up better around church when the marriage is over as it leaves a paper trail? (
SCARCELYHardly give someone the heebie-jeebies over cold picked up in Cork reportedly (8)
UMAMIA taste you heard mother picked up in central Mauritius (5)
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