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Crossword Answers: Picked-up-stealthily
PALMEDPicked up stealthily
PALMPick up stealthily
ONEFORTHEROADNightcap picked up by breathalyser (3,3,3,4)
AUNTSALLYSoldier's colleague picked up easy target (4,5)
LOOTImplement picked up in plunder (4)
HIDEOUTImportant suspect picked up in refuge (7)
NIBWriter picked up receptacle (3)
SUSTENANCERealise residents picked up food (10)
EARDRUMCockney's picked up booze and amplifier (7)
ENROLKnowledge picked up about new recruit (5)
FUNGICheery sports outfit that's picked up from ground? (5)
ARCADIAVerdi opera about Egyptian god picked up in Stoppard play (7)
VAINConceited streak in one's nature we've picked up
YELPERNoisy dog's response picked up around middle of field (6)
SMELTFish was picked up by the nose (5)
TAPINEasy shot picked up at the flag (3-2)
ANORAKReady for Sweden having gone back and picked up a jacket (6)
TRICYCLEHear agricultural implement is picked up in wheeled transport (8)
DIRACScientist picked up circuit board feeding in current (5)
CUSTARDEuphemism picked up after oath cut short Saucy stuff (7)
LOGCABINRecord picked up from airport, for example, by fashionable homely type with connections to the Woods
DAWNNote and other notes picked up as an opener (4)
SCHNAPPSImages picked up from one who's had too much of this? (8)
BAMBIPicked up a dear bachelor, camp at heart, swinging either way (5)
ONSTREAMNumber picked up power, capturing river already flowing (2-6)
SNEAKOUTLeave stealthily
STALKEDStealthily pursued, son divulged information
SNEAKEDCrept stealthily
TIPTOEINGWalking stealthily
TIPPYTOEStep stealthily, informally
SNEAKSINArrives stealthily
ELOPEWed stealthily
CATBURGLESteal stealthily
DECAMPStealthily take one"s leave of French settlement (6)
HIREDUpped the payroll
REPULSIVEQueen upped the beat, covering 6 - flipping gross (9)
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