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Crossword Answers: Pepsi-owned-beverage-brand
SOBEPepsi-owned beverage brand
NEHIBeverage brand
NESTEABeverage brand
SNAPPLEBeverage brand
POMBeverage brand named for the fruit it contains
ZIMABeverage brand named from the Russian word for "winter"
ICEEBeverage brand with a cartoon polar bear as its mascot
NOCALDiet beverage brand
SODASCoke and Pepsi
COLASCoke and Pepsi
SODACoke or Pepsi
SODAPOPCoke or Pepsi
HUH"Uh-___" (Ray Charles catchphrase in Pepsi ads)
ANOMALY"___ drink Pepsi, but ah'll have a Coke few don't mind"
BRANDNAMES7-Up and Pepsi, e.g.
TVADSBritney did them for Pepsi
ADSBritney's done them for Pepsi
COHAN"The Man Who Owned Broadway"
GEORGEMCOHAN"The Man Who Owned Broadway"
THELESSERAUNTTILLYSA second, but smaller, restaurant owned by one of my relatives?
THELESSERUANTTILLYSA second, but smaller, restaurant owned by one of my relatives?
OTTO"The Simpsons" character who owned a cassette of children singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
TWAAirline once owned by Howard Hughes
CONDOApartment owned by a resident
MEAD"Beowulf" beverage
TANG"Beverage crystals" since 1957
RUM"Demon" beverage
VINO"Roma" beverage
ALE12-proof beverage
TEA4:00 P.M. beverage
SLURPEE7-Eleven beverage

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