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Crossword Answers: Pepsi-owned-beverage-brand
SOBEPepsi-owned beverage brand
SNAPPLEBeverage brand
NESTEABeverage brand
HOSSBeverage brand once sold "in all popular flavors"
HOOYoo-___ (beverage brand)
MOBYElectronic musician who launched a beverage brand
NOCALDiet beverage brand
POMBeverage brand named for the fruit it contains
NEHI"M*A*S*H" beverage brand
ICEEBeverage brand with a cartoon polar bear as its mascot
ZIMABeverage brand named from the Russian word for "winter"
ICEWord in some malt beverage brands
CANCoke or Pepsi container
SODACANSAluminum containers for Coke or Pepsi: 2 wds.
MAXPepsi ___ (highly caffeinated diet soda)
DIETSODACoke Zero or Pepsi One
CAROLALTFormer Diet Pepsi spokesmodel
TMSThings Coke and Pepsi have: Abbr.
EPISCOPALPepsi-Cola mix?
MEAD"Beowulf" beverage
TANG"Beverage crystals" since 1957
RUM"Demon" beverage
POWERHOUROld show on MuchMusic, "Pepsi ___ ___" (More at #10Down!)
MARKMYWORDSI'm certain brand's full of goodness (4,2,5)
LOGOFFBrand's very loud exit (3,3)
SWEDENThe Saab and Volvo automobile brands originated in this Scandinavian land
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