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Crossword Answers: Pepsi-owned-beverage-brand
SOBEPepsi-owned beverage brand
SNAPPLEBeverage brand
NESTEABeverage brand
RCCOLABeverage brand since 1905
HOSSBeverage brand once sold "in all popular flavors"
HOOYoo-___ (beverage brand)
MOBYElectronic musician who launched a beverage brand
NOCALDiet beverage brand
POMBeverage brand named for the fruit it contains
NEHI"M*A*S*H" beverage brand
ICEEBeverage brand with a cartoon polar bear as its mascot
ZIMABeverage brand named from the Russian word for "winter"
ICEWord in some malt beverage brands
LAYSPepsi sub-brand
NUGGETSPepsi Center team
BOTTLERPepsi employee
CANCoke or Pepsi container
MEAD"Beowulf" beverage
TANG"Beverage crystals" since 1957
RUM"Demon" beverage
KOLATREEIt bears nuts now used in a limited variety of Pepsi
LIMEWEDGERestaurant garnish as on a glass of Diet Pepsi: 2 wds.
GOSSIPPED... spread story: icon covering head in shocking Pepsi outburst (9)
ORALBBig name in toothbrush brands (4,1)
GETRussell Brand's "- Him to the Greek"
GESStove brands, e.g.

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